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Lip Moisturizers

I love your lip balm. I actually use it mostly on dry patches of skin on my forehead and hands, but it's great as a lip balm too!!

Alabu Note: Our Shea Body Butter moisturizers are also great for those dry patches of skin on forehead, hands, elbows, feet, any place.

I'm 70 years old and I've used many different types of lip balm in my life. I find the Alabu to be the best one yet; what this company says about it's product is true. It does not dry your lips, there's no need to keep reapplying it during the day.The Alabu lip balm is long lasting, I apply it maybe twice a day. I, also, like applying it at bedtime, it seems to help reduce wrinkles around my mouth.
  • natural facial moisturizer
    7.34 Replenish Natural Facial Moisturizer - Roll On (0.35 fl oz)
    Be comfortable in your own skin. Alabu’s Squalane (AKA “Nature’s Facelift in a Bottle”) is made with 100% vegetable-derived Squalane. Alabu's Replenish Natural Facial Moisturizer is very high in Vitamin A and resembles...
  • Shea Butter Body Butter - Original
    5.49 Shea Butter Body Butter - Original (0.75 fl oz)
    Convenient Form Factor. Unlike tubs which are messy and wasteful, our roll-up tube allows you to moisturize just the right amount wherever you need without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Protective Barrier. Beyond...
  • Tea Tree Shea Body Butter (.75 fl oz)
    6.39 Shea Body Butter - Tea Tree (0.75 fl oz)
    From a baby's bottom to professionals and new moms washing hands multiple times a day to hard working and calloused, cracked hands Alabu's Tea Tree Shea Body Butter is there to handle the job. This amazing heavy duty,...
  • Natural Mint Lip Balm
    3.24 Lip Balm - Mint
    Refreshing peppermint essential oil combined with our quality natural ingredients. This truly natural mint lip balm has an uplifting fragrance and tingly flavor. Alabu natural mint lip balm helps prevent dryness and...
  • Lip Balm - Original
    3.24 Lip Balm - Original
    This is our original lip balm. No flavoring added, just the awesome long-lasting protection of beeswax and fantastic moisturizing abilities of coconut and olive oil. (0.15 fl oz) Made in the U.S.A. Ingredients: coconut oil,...
  • vanilla lip balm
    3.24 Lip Balm - Vanilla
    Our Vanilla Lip Balm is the same smooth soothing formulation as in our Original Lip Balm, but with the addition of vanilla-infused coconut oil. Most everyone who has tried our Vanilla lip balm loves it; even those who don't...
  • tea tree lip balm
    3.24 Lip Balm - Tea Tree
    We've been using our Tea Tree Shea Body Butter as a tea tree lip balm for years. So, we decided to make a tea tree lip Balm for those of you who love tea tree oil. This ultra-conditioning balm softens and hydrates you lips...