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Natural Goat Milk Soap

As some of you may know our first grand daughter Faith was born with serious heart defects and Down syndrome. She has been through two open heart surgeries and many health issues. Faith is always the strong one through all her trials giving us strength and love. This book is written by her other grandmother “ Memere”. It is an endearing story of how a grand mother uses a colorful crocheted blanket to tell stories to the delight of her grand daughter.

All proceeds go to an account for Faith. To purchase follow this link: My Very Special Blankie By Rosemary Turgeon

Book Summary A charming story about a little girl who shares with her readers the story of her very special blankie! The young and old can relate to a child’s very special blankie. This story may even remind you of your own very special blankie. An interactive story that not only describes the little girl’s blankie, but will take you through an imaginary story, created by her grandmother, which she tells using only the child’s very special blankie. A story every child should have on their bookshelf. Faith’s Very Special Blankie

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