Comparison Testimonials (Dial, Dove, etc.)

Hi Alabu My husband purchased some of your products from the marketplace for Christmas this past year. I have always used natural products before (aveda & arbonne) and was amazed by how your products work on my sensitive skin! Just in your product descriptions, it really does make your skin feel smooth in a short amount of time! Along with my personalized note that I received with my gift was also a large variety of samples! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I believe what I fell in love with was the replenish?! It was a clear serum like consistency. Is that the product that was included in my samples? If it wasn't for my husband, Tim, who admires Glenn Beck more than I can explain, I would have never been introduced to your wonderful, natural line of products. From a shop-local, NY sate and USA made shopper, female - small business owner- thank you! Nicole (3/13)

Dear Alabu: Your shaving soap is THE BEST I have ever used. Smooth as silk! I'm an Italian guy in my 50's, so I guess I don't have to tell you how important shaving cream is to a man of my description. Your shaving soap saves me from having to run out to the store every week or so to buy some nasty product from Proctor and Gamble with more chemicals in it than I can decipher. EVERYONE should give up the commercial shaving cream habit and buy the ALABU shaving soap. God Bless Those Goats! Micheal - US Armed Forces (9/09)

Dear Alabu: Thank you so much for making such wonderful soap!! I have tried other homemade soaps and none compare to yours.Lathers so well and smells just right. It is THE BEST! I love it and enjoy your newsletters. I am so glad I found you. Lisa - Early Branch, SC (1/08)

Dear Alabu: Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received your soaps last week, and am extremely pleased with the quality. I get red bumps on my upper arms, and this has really cleared it up. This works as well as alpha hydroxy products, without the burning or irritation. The almond soap smells really nice too--I like it better than the fragrance free bars, even though I don't normally like scented products. The lip balms are also excellent. I have already told several people how pleased I am, so you may be getting some more orders in the future. Valerie - Alexandria, VA (4/07)

Dear Alabu: I wanted to write Alabu once more. Not only have you made a huge difference in my daughter's life and clearing up her skin for the first time in her life, but my grandmother and her cousin also. They are both eighty years old and believe in washing dishes by hands. Both have always had problems with cracked and bleeding hands most of the winter. My grandmother always said her skin was so dry, so this year I gave her the Tea Tree Soap Bar for her kitchen and the Baby Me for her bathtub and her face for her birthday the beginning of this month. It is amazing, neither my grandmother or her cousin's hands bleed anymore. This is the first time in their life. And my grandmother loves the way her skin feels too! She has used Dove her whole life and it took a lot to get her to switch and now she loves it and says she's hooked. Thank you for allowing me to give them such great products. You guys are incredible people around here and we sincerely do not know what our family would do without you. WE LOVE ALABU! Many Thanks Forever... Laurie - New Baltimore, MI (1/06)

Dear Alabu: I bought my first Alabu soaps at (I believe) the Gould Orchards Craft Fair in Schodack, NY. I have been looking for them ever since at every craft fair I attend. I have tried other hand made natural soaps but Alabu, by far, are the very best. I am allergic to 9 NINE different soaps and over the counter perfumed soaps.. Alabu's sandalwood is wonderful as I love to smell good but hate the reaction of lesser soaps. I also love not having dry skin!!! A friend of mine knew how much I love Alabu soaps and she did a silent auction at The Capital City Rescue Mission to try and win me a basket of Alabu soaps. She did!!!! On the soaps was your contact info.... I am so thankful to have found you...... Karen - Averiill Park, NY (4/05)

Dear Alabu: Thanks for saving my skin! I'm an RN whose hands have been damaged from soaps and detergents. Your Alabu unscented bar has made such an amazing difference for my hands and for my body. It feels great to lather up and not feel the burning and stinging that I feel with regular soaps. I also use your lip balm and am equally impressed. I have ultra sensitive skin and numerous allergies which is why I am pleased to finally find products that I can use without experiencing irritation. I'm spreading the word! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work! Brinda - Kirksville, MO (8/04)