Skin Care Hints

Bathing: A good quality bath can help moisturize your skin, but can dry your skin out if the water is too hot. Hot water will wash away the natural oils present in your skin. To hydrate your skin, your bath should be lukewarm and last between ten and twenty minutes. Also, a good quality moisturizing bath salt will help soften and moisturize your skin. Exfoliating: Exfoliation is a great way to maintain healthy skin, but you can easily over-do it. Avoid using soaps that are too harsh, and if you're going to use a wash cloth or something similar, you want to make very light circular motions, with a good quality soap on it to help reduce friction. If you have very sensitive skin you should probably skip the washcloth all together. Use a mild exfoliating soap like our Oat & Honey as it will be much less irritationg. Moisturizing: Many people find that the climate they live in combined with the natural moisturizing oils thier skin makes is enough to stay properly moisturized. For others, staying moisturized can be pretty time consuming, especially if you live in a dry climate, but it's an important part of keeping your skin healthy. Look for a moizturizer that offers some protective qualities (like a body butter) for your body, and a lighter moisturizer for your face. It's also a good idea to apply a moisturizer within five or ten minutes of getting out of the shower. Tips for your daily routine: There are many products on the market today that promise younger looking skin. Many are quite expensive, some have unpleasant side effects and very few offer noticeable results. We all feel better when we look good. The natural way to do this is to start with good nutrition and hydration. After that daily skin care can make you look and feel great. Here are some tips for your daily routine:

  • Washing morning and night with a gentle cleanser is a must. We like the Baby Me or Oat & Honey if you have dry or sensitive skin. Any of our soaps will clean your skin without stripping its natural oils.
  • When you wash, try gently using a circular upward motion on your face and neck.
  • After cleansing, and thoroughly rinsing apply a moisturizer to your face and neck. We like our Replenish Facial Moisturizer because it's so light and absorbs quickly into your skin.
  • Drink water. Most people don't drink the recommended eight glasses a day. It will help keep away wrinkles from your skin and you'll feel better in general when you're hydrated.

On occasion you may feel like some extra pampering. Here are some ideas for giving your skin spa-like care in the comfort of your own home. Exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the skin's outermost surface. Your skin is constantly making new skin cells at the dermis (lower layer of skin) and pushing them to the epidermis (surface of skin). As this cycle continues, the older skin cells slowly die and fill with keratin. This keratin is what protects our skin from the elements. However, as we age the cycle slows down causing skin cells to compile unevenly on the surface of the skin. This is what can cause a dull, rough, and dry look to the skins complexion. This is where exfoliation can be especially beneficial. Exfoliation is an important part of both facials and body treatments. When done correctly, exfoliation leaves the skin feeling smoother and fresher looking. Exfoliation also makes absorption easier for your moisturizer. Be sure to never over-exfoliate, meaning once a week or every three to five days is sufficient. Keep in mind to use the circular motion as described earlier. Be gentle. Using abrasive objects or substances is unnecessary. Remember, you're only removing dead skin cells so it shouldn't take a lot of pressure or scrubbing. Some people have a lengthy and specific skin care routine that they like to follow, while others may not have the time to be so in depth. Keeping your skin care routine simple doesn't mean you can't have beautiful skin too. Using a gentle bar of Alabu soap along with a light moisturizer, like Replenish Facial Moisturizer can be the extent of your face care routine if you're looking to keep it simple. Alabu soap is effective when it comes to removing dirt, but amazingly gentle because it contains moisturizing oils as well as naturally occurring glycerin. If you choose to use a moisturizer around your eyes, be sure to apply it with your pinky or ring finger. Since these are your weakest fingers it allows you to apply it gently with care to the sensitive areas around your eyes. Use of a mask either weekly or bi-weekly can help to renew your pores. Keep in mind that cleansing is important before applying a mask. When removing a mask, be gentle and use warm water. Always apply a moisturizer after using a mask. We have some mask you can make yourself on our recipes page. Keep in mind that protecting your skin from the sun can go a long way to reduce the age your skin looks. Protecting your skin from the sun when you go outdoors can be a big factor when it comes to healthy your skin. Though some people don't like to hear this, tanning is often associated with premature signs of aging in the skin. Good skin care involves a variety of tasks, including eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. While skin care on the outside with the use of exfoliants and moisturizers seems like the logical obvious way to create healthy looking skin, we can't forget that what we put on the inside makes a difference too.