International Customer testimonials

Dear Alabu:Just to say I received your wonderful products and they are the best soaps ever. So gentle and an area on my leg which has always been itchy and dry has completely cleared up. As postage is so expensive from the states to Uk I will now be on the hunt for something nearer home, but I suspect I will still be ordering from you!!! The smells are so lovely and I have left all the soaps in the box so I can have a lovely little sniff and love it. Thanks for your excellent service and making such excellent soap. Nina -UK (3/10)

Dear Alabu: I really love your soaps! :) Yuko - Tokyo Japan (10/07)

Hi Maryclaire: Nice to hear from you! This is the first time having my comments posted about soap! Because yours really works, and I am so disgusted at the awful soap bars they have at the supermarkets and even some at pharmacies too. I also love the tea tree lip balm and the baby squalene oil! I wish you continued and more success and that you and your family are always happy and healthy! Its people like you who make a big difference to the world! Best wishes, Amal - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emerates (7/06)

Dear Alabu: My online order from 06/23/2006 was delivered on 6/29/2006. I want to thank you for the very quick delivery to Israel. I enjoy the soaps and the baby face oil and think they are great. I am looking forward to continue working with you. Best regards Adina - Holon, Israel (7/06)

Dear Alabu: I received Alabu soap this morning. It is fast arrival! 4days. It is an order for the second. I love Alabu soap. Thank you. Makiko - Tokyo, Japan (5/06)

Dear Alabu: Thank you and your wife so much. Nearly all the presents arrived on time, the other's only a few days late (my fault entirely, you saved me!) and everyone loved, loved loved them! A big success! Even when I am not sure soap is the right gift for someone, your products always prove me wrong! There isn't anyone yet who hasn't raved about their gift of Alabu products. Thank you for being organic and family run, local and WWW savvy, scented and unscented, long lasting without cluttering, pre-wrapped and affordable!!! You have been my first choice for gift giving for two years now, but after this Christmas I believe there is no person and no occasion I can not satisfy from your web site. Thank you Alabu!!! Alexandria - USNS Yokosuka, Japan (1/06)

Dear Alabu: I am delighted with your soap. It is a delight to use and the perfumes are wonderful. I can not believe how much better it is than the soaps I have used previously. I am totally committed from now on! Mary - Foxrock, Ireland (9/05)

Dear Alabu: Your soaps are the best! Thanks so much for your prompt service and fast shipping, too. To Japan! Nakada - Japan (8/05)

Dear Alabu: Lovely web site. Very user-friendly. Am unable to find Goats Milk Soap in England .. very impressed with the fact yours is 100% goats milk etc... I have never bought anything from the States before so I am looking forward to receiving my first US purchase. Thanks also for the free gifts - that was a nice touch! Lara - Coventry, England (6/05)

Dear Alabu: My name is Tomomi from Tokyo in Japan. It is your customer. Soap reached the post of my house a little while ago. It is full in feelings very glad. It immediately uses it at the time of the bath of tonight. It is the enjoyment. Thank you. Then, again. Tomomi - Tokyo, Japan (6/05)