Moisturizer Testimonials

Hello Dean,

Can you please tell me when does the 25% off coupon expire??? I hope I can be able to wait until after the first of this coming month!

I absolutely LOVE your Replenish Facial Moisturizer with Squalane!!!

I have looked for over 3 years to find a truly scent-free Squalane oil again!!! When I was first introduced to SO several years ago, I immediately fell in love! But after purchasing it for some time I noticed that the quality had changed. The oil was heavy and just sat on my skin! And every brand I tried all smelled the rubber! Since I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, my nose picks up the slightest smells.

So I sought different product after product and came to the conclusion that the manufacturing of the oil or the quality had changed and was about to give up looking. Then I saw your product and decided that I would try one more time.

WOW! This is the quality of Squalane that I had been missing and my skin just drank it in! It was the light and moisturizing oil I remembered! After just a few days use my skin is glowing again and the issues I was having by lacking this precious oil are fading away.

Please don't ever stop producing this oil exactly as you have! I will be a lifelong loyal buyer of it, I promise that! THANKS so much for making a truly wonderful and awesome quality Squalane Oil! ~Kelly (2/13)

Dear Alabu! I'm loving my Alabu products! Tried your facial moisturizer sample and I'm hooked - used the whole sample pack on my face before bed and in the morning - walla - woke to a rested face! Also my Dad has very sensitive skin, your goat soap is just what his fair skin needed. Thank you for making these mild, natural products - and Made in America is important to me also. Barbara 1/13

Hello Alabu! Just wanted to thank you for the prompt order and especially for the samples. I SO appreciate when a company includes such items, to familiarize us with products that we might not otherwise try. And I have to say, yours did not disappoint so I am excited about placing another order.

I love, love the roll-on facial moisturizer. What a brilliant & convenient idea! And I was so pleased to find that your soap really did what you claimed it to do. Shocking as well as delicious :-) Also, altho I had to use way more than recommended of the sample lotions (my 'mature' skin is especially dry) your formulations are the first that kept my hands hydrated for longer than 15 minutes; the lip balm performed better than its promise, too. Now, when does THAT ever happen?!! Thank you for terrific products, fair shipping and gracious service! Most sincerely, Deborah (11/12)

Dean Alabu: I just received my order. I have now been a customer for a couple of years. This is my only soap and facial care. Your products are pure and beautiful. In this last order I received a lovely note from Hal and I had to let you all know how much I love your product and your business ethic. Thank you for being peace & purity in this world. Best Always, Annette (11/12>

Dear Alabu:> I just wanted to say thank you….We love your lip balm! In this dry mountain weather we have in Colorado its hard to keep our lips from cracking….but your product has been a God-send…Thank you again!!!!
Sincerely, Mary Jo (11/12)

Dear Alabu: Thank you so much for your wonderful products. I LOVE the Baby Face Oil. My skin feels soft and silky all day long. The Tea Tree and Neem soaps along with the Tea Trea lotion are bringing a lot of relief to my hands and feet so now I thought I would try the shea butter lotion and a couple of the guest soaps. Your products are SO GENTILE! Penny - North Tonawanda, NY (1/09)

Dear Alabu: Just wanted to let you know I have fallen in love with your soaps and other products. Just before Christmas I stumbled across your sight online in search of soaps for sensitive skin. I bought one scented soap and one unscented soap. Even the scented soap does wonders for my skin. They lather so well and provide much moisture and don't irritate my skin at all. I also purchased your roll on moisturizer and tea tree lotion stick and they do wonders for my dry skin. I have just received my second order of soaps and can't wait to try out my new scents. I don't know what I ever did without Alabu! Thanks so much! Jennifer - Franklin, VA (1/09)
P.S. I also wanted to compliment you on your website. It is one of the most user friendly sites I've seen (makes ordering super simple). Whoever designed it did a great job.

Dear Alabu:This is my second order. About five weeks ago I ordered a few bars to see if they would help my sensitive and dry skin that becomes a huge problem during the colder weather here in Minnesota. The soap helped so much that I no longer need to apply any body lotion! I have had to slather on body lotion each winter since I was a teenager. What a nice time saver!
I also (reluctantly) passed on a bar of Baby Me to my mom who also suffers from very dry skin. She really liked it and was so grateful to not have to use lotion. Now I need to order some Baby Me for me to try. I am also getting some soap for my mom for Christmas. I have been telling my friends about this soap. At first, I feel as though I am in one of those silly Alleve commercials when someone just happens to have a box of Alleve in their pocket, but I think they might like the soap, so I should tell them! At least I am not carrying around a bar of soap! Kathleen - Cottage Grove, MN (12/06)

Dear Alabu:I just received your soaps yesterday, and used them today. I have to say I cannot believe how soft my skin felt after using your soap, I did not even have to use lotion . I suffer from severe dry skin, so bad that my skin would crack and bleed. I have never used a soap that has left me so moisturized where I do not have to use lotion. After using your soap, I immediately ordered more soap, and your shaving mug with soap, because I bleed and get nicks and cuts with other shaving creams. After using your soap, I could already tell your products are of high quality. I have spent so much money on other soaps and lotions for my dry skin, I wish I would have found your site earlier. I am going to be a new customer for life!!!!!!! Iris - VA (3/05)

Dear Alabu: Just a short note to let you know I love your soaps and the lotion sticks - I carry smaller round stick with me and keep at least one of the larger size on my dressing room vanity. Your prices are very reasonable. I also make sure I stop at your booth at craft fairs. Thank You. Dolores - Altamont, NY (2/05)

Dear Alabu:I have very dry cracked hands and feet. I used to use Dove soap for sensitive skin. I get a manicure every week. Since I have been using your Alabu Soap and Shea butter lotion stick my Manicurist told me my hands and feet have made a 100% improvement. Cheryl - Boca Raton, FL (1/05)

Dear Alabu:I was given a Shea Butter Lotion Stick as a gift from a dear friend who has been using it to control breakouts and cracks at the corner of her mouth. Having the same problem, I gave it a try. This stuff works (and nothing else has)! I am now ordering several for all my friends who keep complaining of the same problem. Thank you so much for this product. I will definitely be making a trip over to your store at some point (and I'll call ahead as you request here in the site!). Thanks. Meghan - Ballston Lake, NY (11/04)

Dear Alabu: I know that it might sound odd, but I use the lotion stick all over, on my lips, face, around eyes, when my nose is chapped and on my son, it works wonders. but I would absolutely love it if you could make it with a light aroma (i.e. vanilla honey). I also wanted to say thank you so much, I have very sensitive skins that tends to break out and my son has extremely fair skin that can't stand heavy fragrances or synthetics, I am so happy that I can use your products on everyone in my family and we all have such wonderful results!. Lynn --- Englewood, CO (11/03)

Just the other day i got your package and when i opened it the soap smelled great .also when i took a bath with the soap,and when i got out of the shower i did not have to put on lotion.So i just wanted to thank you for sending me such a fine soap God Bless. Terrence

Hi Alabu: I just wanted to take a moment and commend you on the excellent product you have created. I was suffering from extreme dryness around my eyes which no product was able to relieve. I tried the shea butter lotion stick that I had received as a gift and in 24 hours my skin was smooth and the dryness was pretty much gone. I had tried multiple face lotions and eye creams and nothing has compared to the effect that the lotion stick had on my skin. Thank you so much!. Ybelise (11/03)

Dear Alabu: A Thank You! I wanted to let you know how much I liked your products. I got them all to give as gifts but found it hard to part with them -- they smelled so great.
I should be ashamed to say this but I kept about half of what I purchased myself. I was especially pleased with the shea butter lotion stick and the lip balm. I seldom like to use lotions or lip balms even though I have dry skin because they "sit on top" of the skin feeling heavy and/or greasy. Both your products blend with the skin beautifully. It's as though the lotion stick isn't there -- except the dry skin is gone. Thanks and best of luck with your business. Blessings Barbara - Clifton Park, NY (01/02)

Dear Maryclaire:I started using the lotion stick again, I used both the one from last year and the new one, on my face. In less than 1 week I can feel the difference in how soft and smooth my face is Marilyn --- Delmar, NY (12/01)