Clara's Creations

Clara’s Creations

Fun designs for your family.

Hi, I’m Clara, also known as Number 2. I am 10 years old and I have been wanting to start my own business for a while. After a conversation on a walk with my mom, her friend Lydia, and the rest of my siblings, Clara’s Creatives was born. We were walking on the rail trail near us and I was talking to Lydia. We were discussing one of my sisters and her acting a bit overdramatic. Then I said, "I’m not over dramatic, I’m just as dramatic as I need to be.” Then Lydia laughed and said, ”I would totally wear that on a shirt!” So my mom and I decided to put together some different items with that phrase for others to enjoy. Hope you like them. Visit Clara's Creatives here.

-- Ships in 5-7 days
-- Ships separate from Alabu products order
-- Not available for Pick Up At Shop
-- Refunds only on wrong item sent or damaged.

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