Customer Support Testimonials

Dear Alabu! I just wanted to personally say Thank you for the prompt service and the personalization you guys added to my delivery. I did my first purchase through amazon but now I will just go through your website, it is so much faster and the samples are awesome and I will get a few of them on my next order! Thank you Maryclaire for the lovely note and Dean for packaging my order with care! Lauren 3/13

Dear Alabu! Thank you for your handwritten note and samples! I am so happy to have found your products via Glenn Beck and The Blaze. This was my second order andI adore everything I've tried. Plus, I really appreciate the extra thought you give to make the customer experience such a delight. Lori 3/13

Dear Alabu! After seeing your advertisement on The Marketplace/Glenn Beck, I placed a first-time order. I received my products in the mail today and was immediately impressed; even by the "spa" aroma that was given off by my envelope! And the handwritten note! You guys show an excellence in customer service that so many have sadly forgotten. Thank you! I can't wait to try my products! Kelly 3/13

Dear Alabu! The Gift basket you sent my Mother was wonderful, so soft, everything so natural feeling, she loved it. Thank you P.S. so did I. Elizabeth 2/13

Dear Alabu! Thank you for the great products, wonderful service & especially the special personal touches! Have a great week! Sandy 1/13

Dear Alabu! I recently placed an order with you for some Christmas gifts for my mother-in-law. Not only did you ship them out super quick, but you also added some samples, a free lip balm and a free soap holder, not to mention a hand-written thank you note! I can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I was actually having a pretty rotten day, and your shipment turned the whole day around. Thank you so, so much. I will be making many more orders through you for all the gifts I need to send.Thanks again! Amanda 12/12

Dear Alabu! I am responding to MaryClaire's thank you note that was enclosed with my recent order of Alabu soaps and lotions.

Thanks very much for your note. I was pleased to receive my order so quickly. Everything arrived in perfect condition.

It has been years since I purchased from Alabu, and I was very pleased to see the fine website and the nicely designed packaging for the soaps. I think your company was just beginning when I first purchased soaps from Alabu. The soaps were just wrapped in paper, and there were no nice shea butter lotions. I am pleased to see how your company has prospered and grown and glad to have a variety of products to choose from.

The fact that you take the time to hand write a note to your customers says a lot about how you value them and their business.

Best wishes for your continued success and for a great holiday season. Sincerely, Gloria 12/12

Dear Alabu! I love your products!! Your support staff is wonderful!! I talked to Hal (AL) the other day and he was so very nice, it was a pleasure to talk to him!! Thank you, as well, for the extra bar of soap in my last order and the samples!!! I really appreciate them!! You have great customer service!!! Have a blessed day!, Johnnie (12/12)

Hello Alabu! Just wanted to thank you for the prompt order and especially for the samples. I SO appreciate when a company includes such items, to familiarize us with products that we might not otherwise try. And I have to say, yours did not disappoint so I am excited about placing another order.

I love, love the roll-on facial moisturizer. What a brilliant & convenient idea! And I was so pleased to find that your soap really did what you claimed it to do. Shocking as well as delicious :-) Also, altho I had to use way more than recommended of the sample lotions (my 'mature' skin is especially dry) your formulations are the first that kept my hands hydrated for longer than 15 minutes; the lip balm performed better than its promise, too. Now, when does THAT ever happen?!! Thank you for terrific products, fair shipping and gracious service! Most sincerely, Deborah (11/12>

Dear Alabu: I just received my order. I have now been a customer for a couple of years. This is my only soap and facial care. Your products are pure and beautiful. In this last order I received a lovely note from Hal and I had to let you all know how much I love your product and your business ethic. Thank you for being peace & purity in this world. Best Always, Annette (11/12>

Dear Hal: I just want you and everyone involved with filling my order to know that, I am very pleased with how quickly I received everything. I am also very pleased with your product. And I thank YOU all for the special attention, like the personalized thank you card and the free lip balm you enclosed. I don't think I have ever received a thank you card such as the one you sent. I appreciate it very much. I love the lip balm! I am happy to be ordering from people such as yourselves and I am loving the fact that, your product is made right here in the good old U.S. of A!!!! I will, for sure, be ordering again in the near future. You have something to be very proud of.
Sincerely,Suzanne (11/12)

Dear Hal: I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the promptness and packaging of the order I placed last week for two bars of soap. The order arrived in a very timely manner and included an informative brochure about the products as well as an unexpected free lip balm and numerous samples which was a nice surprise. The handwritten thank you note acknowledging my order was a very nice touch and definitely speaks highly of the quality of your company and length to which you go to ensure customer satisfaction. The soaps smell wonderful, and I can't wait to use them. I will definitely be spreading the word among family and friends to checkout your website to consider ordering some quality skin care products. Kathy -Gonzales, TX (10/12)

Dear Hal:Just to say I received your wonderful products and they are the best soaps ever. So gentle and an area on my leg which has always been itchy and dry has completely cleared up. As postage is so expensive from the states to Uk I will now be on the hunt for something nearer home, but I suspect I will still be ordering from you!!! The smells are so lovely and I have left all the soaps in the box so I can have a lovely little sniff and love it. Thanks for your excellent service and making such excellent soap. Nina -UK (3/10)

Dear Hal: THANK YOU for your wonderful customer service! I am SO very impressed. One would think that service like this would be the "norm" but it isn't and what you've done stands out. That's both great and sad at the same time, you know what I mean? Anyway, thanks again and I will be ordering more products and sharing with friends. God bless, Laura - Columbus, IL (1/10)

Dear Hal: I received my 1st order of your soap today! I ordered sat and got it in Chicago Wed. I have been using various goat milk cold process soaps for the last year. I have ordered from many soap makers! I have to tell you after using your soaps tonight I will never switch! The "Rich” bar and the lilac goat milk are to die for. We were out in the hot sun all day and had parched skin, what a treat!!! No lotion required. My 12-year-old son said to me, "Mom, why does this soap smell like the bushes at Suzy and Pop's? It smells so good! A 12-year-old boy wanted to know why the soap smelled like his grandparents lilac bushes! That's some positive feedback! Thank you so much for such a lovely product. Cold process the gold standard of soap making, no water added and one ounce of goat milk. What attention to quality. I truly do not know if other people make a product as superior as yours. I cannot wait to try your other fragrances. Thank you so much I am very happy new customer. The lather is delightful and the fast shipping and excellent customer service and quality of product has just gotten you yet another lifelong customer! Sarah S. — Chicago, IL (8/09)

Dear Hal: My order arrived full of fragrances..I love the Lilac! Thanks for your speedy processing. Mary - Brooklyn, NY (6/09)

Dear Hal: I love your website. My sister Laura has been telling me about your company and the soaps for sometime. Keep up the good work. God Bless. Evelyn ? Tulsa, OK (12/07)

Dear Hal:Your soaps are really terrific! I tried other handmade soaps I bought online and yours are the best. Also, I receive them very promptly-not having to wait weeks like with some others. You have a truly great product. Mary - Menifee, CA (5/07)

Dear Hal: I am in love with your products!!! I bought some soap just to try out and I loved the one that I tried and I gave the others to my friends - they have to check you out!!
I have been so pleased with the quickness of the shipments. I am so glad that I found you!! Shelby - Wichita, KS (5/07)

Dear Hal:I've been a customer of Alabu since 2005, and honestly I can't even begin to describe how THANKFUL I am to have found your Company! Your products are incomparable, and your customer service is indescribable! I have to admit, I ran out of your soap on Thursday of last week, and, out of desperation, purchased a bar of soap from my local health food store. My son broke out in a, I placed an order from Alabu late Friday afternoon...and, was stunned when the Mail person walked in with it today (it's MONDAY)!! Thanks for the high quality service you provide to your customers! YOU'RE A GOD-SEND! Tammy - Santa Fe, NM (5/07)

Dear Hal:Received my order....Fantastic products...You'll be hearing from me again. And thank you so much for your courteous and swift service! Sharon - Belton, TX (5/07)

Dear Alabu: Thank you so much for your excellent service! I ordered from three different soap companies last month and your soap arrived within a few days. The other two took about two weeks. And after all that waiting, I tried them all and your soap was the best. I'm now a huge fan and evangelist for your goat milk soap! Keep up the great work! Peg - Seattle, WA (1/07)

Dear Alabu: I received my order yesterday, and was extremely pleased with the promptness of shipping, and the packaging of the product. These soaps smell incredible, and lather better than any other handmade soap I've tried. I love the Maggie's Christmas soap and the Apple Spice. I'm so excited to have found Alabu!! Tara - Houston, TX (12/06)

Dear Alabu: I not only like your soap product, but your service is above average whether it is by telephone, e-mail, or your shipping. Thank You. Pam - Rockford, MI (11/06)

Dear Alabu: I am so happy that I found the Alabu Soap website. I love the product, the service, and the personal touch of the newsletter. I look forward to a long relationship with this company. Susan - Canton, MI (10/06)

Dear Alabu: I have spent a lot of money buying "natural" skin care products and being very disappointed. I found your web site and was encouraged by everything I read. My dry sensitive skin immediately appreciated your Rich soap. My skin felt like baby's skin. No skin eruptions, no irritation. The right type of moisture, gentle and the bar feels wonderful while bathing my entire skin. I like the shape. I appreciate the soap is unscented because some fragrances irritate my skin and I know some people are chemically-sensitive. Sometimes I wish it had an almond smell, but I am quite happy! Your service is great! Also, I like supporting a small family business. Thank you!!!! Tucson - Tucson, AZ (9/06)

Dear Alabu: I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy both your products and your newsletters very much. I look forward to ordering from you as your service cannot be beat and again, your products are WONDERFUL. I have printed out as much of your information from the web site as possible so that I can forward to my parents as they do not have Internet access. I was wondering if you ever put out a catalog for those people (minority these days, I know) that I could send them or have sent to them. Thanks and regards, Jane - US Armed Services (8/06)

Dear Alabu: You guys are awesome.. I received my soaps today and what a wonderful surprise! My husband and son love your Bay rum soap... I will be ordering again... Excellent and fast service.. Thank you for your time. Martha - Mequon, WI (8/06)

Dear Alabu: No changes to the attached order - I just wanted to tell you that I love your merchandise, your fast service and your Newsletter - they are all appreciated very much! Jane - APO (8/06)

Hi Maryclaire: I don't usually send messages, I just re-order your soap whenever I need soap. It's all we use. It works great in my Rainsoft water at home and in my yucky City water at my weekend home. As you know from my orders I love both the Frankincense and the Myrrh soaps. I usually get my order within 3 days of ordering. I have gotten my order 2 days from ordering, all the way from NY to FL! Y'all are great, keep up the good work. Karen - Tallahassee, FL (7/06)

Dear Alabu: My online order from 06/23/2006 was delivered on 6/29/2006. I want to thank you for the very quick delivery to Israel. I enjoy the soaps and the baby face oil and think they are great. I am looking forward to continue working with you. Best regards Adina - Holon, Israel (7/06)

Dear Alabu: Thanks for making such a wonderful soaps. I already received my package and I can tell they are premium quality. Keep it up!! Penelope - Hackensack, NJ (7/06)

Dear Hal: I received Alabu soap this morning. It is fast arrival! 4 days. It is an order for the second. I love Alabu soap. Thank you. Makiko - Tokyo, Japan (5/06)

Hi Maryclaire: Thought I'd tell you I really like the Rich soap bar. You were right, the squalane oil is definitely a great carrier oil. I apply coconut oil or an herbal moisturizer after the shower, and there is SUCH a difference if I have first washed with the Rich soap bar first. Looking forward to trying the Shea lotion stick I've ordered. BTW, I'm even washing my hair with your goat's milk soaps. It's not quite the same as using a shampoo, but I think it's worth experimenting. I can see that your company takes customer service very seriously. The email confirmations, the prompt deliveries, and that hands-on 'quality is #1' attitude. It adds up to superior customer service. Have a great day! Regards, Rosemary - Oak Grove, MO (4/06)

Dear Alabu: Thank you and your wife so much. Nearly all the presents arrived on time, the other's only a few days late (my fault entirely, you saved me!) and everyone loved, loved loved them! A big success! Even when I am not sure soap is the right gift for someone, your products always prove me wrong! There isn't anyone yet who hasn't raved about their gift of Alabu products. Thank you for being organic and family run, local and WWW savvy, scented and unscented, long lasting without cluttering, pre-wrapped and affordable!!! You have been my first choice for gift giving for two years now, but after this Christmas I believe there is no person and no occasion I can not satisfy from your web site. Thank you Alabu!!! Alexandria - USNS Yokosuka, Japan (1/06)

Dear Alabu: I just want to tell everybody that ALABU works!!!!!! VERY FAST SHIPPING AS WELL!!!! Romana - Portland, OR (11/05)

Dear Alabu: Hello! I received my first order about a week ago. Like so many others, I too, want to praise these lovely products! I ordered the "baby soap" which was suggested for sensitive faces. I also ordered the Baby Face Oil (Squalane) having recently read an article on this product. WOW! I am THRILLED with both! Though the soap was purchased as a facial soap, within two days I had it in the shower with me, using it all over my body! Living in Florida, my skin is very tanned and tends toward dryness. This soap was very kind to my skin, providing a very soothing, moisturizing treat! And the oil.. oh my! I could not believe it would be so light, and feel so good! I was afraid it would be greasy and possibly cause breakouts, but so far I am pleasantly surprised and pleased at the softness and lightness of this oil! I am a believer! And looking forward to ordering again! I am now anxious to try the Shea Butter Lotion Stick that so many have favorably reviewed! And the Lip Balm... and the scented soap.. and... : ) Thank you for a lovely product and excellent, speedy service! God Bless! Lynn - Panama City, FL (9/05)

Dear Hal: I am impressed with your selection of soaps. Your ordering process is fast and easy. Maureen - Reading, PA (9/05)

Dear Alabu: These are the best soaps I have ever used!!! I am a 52 Year Old Guy with (unfortunately) sensitive skin and most soaps dry my skin so much that it stays red. I have been using Alabu Soap for approx 6 months and my skin has returned to more redness!! Thanks for an Excellent Product!! Also Thanks for always sending Orders very quickly with EMail confirmations!! Keith - Seattle WA (9/05)

Dear Alabu: Your soaps are the best! Thanks so much for your prompt service and fast shipping, too. To Japan! Nakada - Japan (8/05)

Dear Alabu: It is such a pleasure that I found this web site accidentally. I was actually searching for some skin care, and I stumbled onto this site, then I tried their products and I honestly tell everybody that their products are really worth every penny. It works!!!!!! and Alabu has excellent service as well.... Chris - Portland, OR (7/05)

Dear Alabu: Lovely web site. Very user-friendly. Am unable to find Goats Milk Soap in England .. very impressed with the fact yours is 100% goats milk etc... I have never bought anything from the States before so I am looking forward to receiving my first US purchase. Thanks also for the free gifts - that was a nice touch! Lara - Coventry, England (6/05)

Dear Alabu: My name is Tomomi from Tokyo in Japan. It is your customer. Soap reached the post of my house a little while ago. It is full in feelings very glad. It immediately uses it at the time of the bath of tonight. It is the enjoyment. Thank you. Then, again. Tomomi - Tokyo, Japan (6/05)

Dear Alabu: Besides being the BEST soap in the world, good ship mighty fast!!! Donna - Mandeville, LA (4/05)

Dear Alabu: I found your web site through and became a new customer today. I am excited to receive my order and try the soaps. Your web site is excellent. I found it informative, extremely easy to navigate, and most of all I was impressed with the manner in which you present your product. The entire web site seems to be straight forward and honest which in itself is a refreshing change! I also was impressed with the fact that you have a phone number and address to be reached at in addition to encouraging customers to call if they have questions or need assistance. You seem to be very customer orientated... another refreshing change that you do not see too often anymore. The shopping experience was a joy as I am sure the soaps will be as well. Jeanette - Mesa, AZ (2/05)

Dear Alabu: This is the first winter without dry skin because of these soaps. Service is excellent and the soaps last longer than other goat soaps I have purchased because this company does not add water. The extra money for handcrafted soaps is a small price to pay for the wonderful scents and soft skin. Joan - Cincinnati, OH (2/05)

Dear Alabu: Just a short note to let you know I love your soaps and the lotion sticks - I carry smaller round stick with me and keep at least one of the larger size on my dressing room vanity. Your prices are very reasonable. I also make sure I stop at your booth at craft fairs. Thank You. Dolores - Altamont, NY (2/05)

Dear Alabu: I love your wonderful soaps! I am never going back to store soaps ever again! Your products have me hooked and I could tell the difference after using your soaps for the first time ... count me in as a loyal customer! Frances - National City, CA (1/05)

Dear Alabu: I would like to thank Alabu for bringing the joy of scented soaps back into my life. For too long my nostrils had been accosted by the harsh, burning scents of commercial detergent soaps, and as a result I had switched exclusively to unscented bars. However, since Alabu, I have come to find that a life without olfactory delight is truly a life unfulfilled. Thank you. Cyrus - Northfield, MN (1/05)

Dear Alabu: I ordered two soaps last week and I received them within just a couple of days which was very nice, I used the soaps not knowing what to expect but I thought I should give them a shot, since I have tried anything and everything to ease the pain of having such dry and sensitive skin. Let me just tell you that I love your soaps and have ordered four more because now I am afraid of running out. My skin feels soft as a baby and I love the fresh scents, I ordered the almond and Grapefruit and I love them both so far. Thank you for your great soaps, I will be sure to share them with my friends. Blanca - Vista, CA (12/04)

Dear Alabu: I just want to say thank you for making such a wonderful product. I have been ordering now for a few months and Alabu is without a doubt the best soap I have ever bought I can not say it enough it is really the best. I will never go back to anything else. All the soaps I have tried are just great, I especially love the Green Tea and my personal favorite, Rosemary. It is so soothing to my skin. I highly recommend Alabu to everyone, especially if you have sensitive skin which I have had all my life. It really makes a difference and without spending a fortune. It is a pleasure to use your soaps. And it has really brought skin care to a new level. Thanks ,sincerely. Bobbie - Hayes, VA (10/04)

Dear Alabu: I am totally impressed with your soaps. I have Rosacea and partly oily and partly dry areas on my face, and have never been able to find any cleanser that didn't cause problems in those areas. Now after three days of using your unscented soap I have seen great improvement in the redness and comfort, and the little bumps I would get before are subsiding and starting to heal. Thank you so much for your fast service, and an absolutely fabulous product. Maureen - Groton, CT (9/04)

Dear Alabu: Your company is amazing and your products are outstanding. I only use your soap for face and body. There is not anything out there on the market that can begin to compare. I have begun to try other products of yours as well. I know that I will be satisfied, because you are a company with integrity and that is rare to find in this day and age. I am your customer for life!!!! Thank you. Veronica - Brooklyn, NY (7/04)

Dear Alabu: I love your soap. I've tried many handmade soap online and find your soap and customer service the best there is! .. from the moment I opened my first box of your soap I KNEW I was in for a treat! ... the way your soap is wrapped, shaped and the delicate and not over whelming scent like others make me a return customer. I have tried just about ALL of your soap and wont stop until I have. My favorite is Myrrh. I haven't purchased a bar of soap from the store since using yours. I must also comment on the timely manner I receive my order .. its fast! ... I feel like a child on Christmas day ... cant wait to open the box and take in the many beautiful scents ... lets just say .. I'm a mighty clean gal! hee hee. Take Care and Thank you! Robin - Greenfield, IN (4/04)

Dear Alabu: I did not realize how much I missed using soap. I love the scents and the way my skin feels after washing. Thanks for making a great soap. Do not ever stop making them!!! Excellent delivery and customer service. Kathy - Runnemede, NJ (3/05)

Dear Alabu: Thank you so much for the updated site, it was a lot easier to get to what i wanted, and it will be great to come back later and see what my last order was for when i want the same product. Laura - Crosby, TX (4/04)

Dear Alabu: I love the Honeysuckle for the in the shower. It smells wonderful and my skin gets clean without getting dried out. You continue to be my favorite "online" store because you ship FAST and accurate. Your products are high quality and reasonably priced. I recently took a bar of Honeysuckle to S. California with me, for Christmas. Everyone loved how it made the bathroom smell. I ended up leaving it there for them to enjoy!. Lucy - Ukiah, CA (1/04)

Dear Alabu:Your soaps are absolutely the best. I am very particular about the types of products I use on my skin, strongly preferring products that are all-natural and are not petroleum or tallow-based. Although my skin is not particularly sensitive, it tends towards the dry side and for the past few years I have been searching for products that contain ingredients that moisturize and keep my skin looking healthy. I've read about the benefits of goats milk in skin products and searched the web for a goat milk based soap and found your site... I took a leap and ordered a couple of your bars and needless to say, for almost a year you have had a very happy and satisfied customer. In the past I've had no hesitation in buy bar soaps that cost twice or even three times the amount of your bars, but none of them compare to yours - HANDS DOWN THE BEST. I've always had great skin, but now I, and others, have noticed it is even softer than before. As a boyfriend once said, "God, your skin shines." Thank you so very much. Maureen, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Alabu:Ok...I am hooked. Your soap is more than I hoped it would be. From the quickness of delivery (I ordered on a Saturday and it arrived on the following Monday...during the height of Christmas shopping season!), to the beautiful packaging (thank you for the extra soap rests) to the intoxicating scents and , most importantly, the luxuriousness of the soap itself. Everything you promise is true, and more. Your soap is my new obsession and I only wish that I had discovered you sooner because everyone I know would have received it as a gift this Christmas. Well, there are birthdays and next Christmas. I am so excited about my delivery that I am giving out samples from my supply to just share with people how wonderful it is. Don't be surprised when you get more customers from Georgia! And thank you for making such a fabulous product and for being such a PLEASURE to do business with. Kathy, GA

Dear Maryclaire: I received my order on Saturday and was so impressed that it had arrived so fast. My daughter and I are really enjoying your products. We can"t believe the difference in our skin. We noticed the difference immediately. We were first introduced at the HVCC Garden Show this year to your soaps and were very impressed. I ordered some soap for my sister and now she and her daughter are hooked. We are spreading the word! We are planning on taking a ride up if I can figure out the directions. Are you open on Saturdays? My Dad grew up in Mechanicville so it should be a fun trip for us. Sincerely Your newest fan Mary Anne

Dear Alabu: I felt compelled to write - I have to tell you that not only am I impressed with your wonderful products (I reordered soon after trying the first set I ordered from you) but I want to share with you how impressed, and appreciative I am of your level of customer service. I truly feel valued as one of your customers and I want to let you know how much it means to me. Thank you so much for your commitment to quality, both in your products and your service. Sincerely. Jennifer --- Vancouver, WA (12/03)

Dear Alabu: I recently ordered soaps from your company and was delighted with the immediate response I received, but I was in for an even better surprise. My order arrived within a few days ---WOW! especially this time of year. And then I opened the box and even my husband who does not have much of a sense of smell said how nice the fragrance was. And best for last is the soap. I love it! I am giving much of what I ordered as gifts and one person in particular is a real goat milk soap authority. Can not wait to get their feed back. You can be assured I will be a return customer. I am looking forward to ordering more soaps, but also some of your other products. I am anticipating them to be a luxuriant as your soaps. Please continue your business, you make a very quality product and it has been my pleasure to do business with you. Best regards and blessed Christmas holidays. Sharon --- St. Louis, MO (12/03)

Dear Dean and Maryclaire: I just have to say that the superiority of your product is only surpassed by your wonderful customer service. Since I found your soaps a year ago, my skin has been transformed. Minnesota winters are harsh, but using your soap for bathing has been a god-send. I no longer run for gallons of lotion after every shower. My boyfriend has also commandeered every lotion stick I have ordered. He is a nature photographer and it is not always convenient to wear your gloves while trying to get a good shot. As a consequence his hands will be quite cracked and bleeding after a day shooting in the woods. He warns me when I need to order more as it is the only thing that will heal his dry, cracked hands. I plan to be a customer for as long as you make your soap. Thanks again for all of the care you put into every order. Heather --- Minneapolis, MN (11/03)

Dear Alabu: I have been using the soap saver you included in one of my packages. It makes a big difference in how long a bar lasts! You are still my favorite online company to shop with. Your products arrive in just a few days, which is the fastest I have ever received products from online orders. Lucy --- Ukiah, CA (11/03)

Dear Dean: Sorry for the delay in answering. Please feel free to use my comments. I am very excited about the Tea Tree Lotion Stick! Nathan used an entire unscented Lotion Stick during last winter. It helped with itching on his inner elbows during school work. The Tea Tree Lotion Stick ought to do even better.
Please thank Maryclaire for her efforts. I didn't expect my order to make the Saturday post. Since it did, we didn't need the sliver of buttermilk soap I found in the travel bag! Nathan is delighted with his free Spicy Limes seconds you sent. He took them from me right away and he thinks you are too harsh on judging the appearance of seconds. He says there is nothing wrong with them. :) . Teresa --- Guilford, CT (10/03)

Dear Alabu: I LOVE your soap. I adore the smell (lilac especially) and I love the texture and the lather. I love your products so much that the order I just placed is a gift for a friend of mine who is a judge and who just had a mastectomy. She is sensitive to smells and I thought some of your unscented stuff combined with that wonderful texture and lather could be a nice thing for her. I have to appear before her all the time, so that's how confident I am that she'll like your products, too. You guys are amazingly prompt and I always note it and appreciate it. Linda --- Greensburg, PA (09/03)

Hello Dean and Maryclaire! This is from Tracy again - and I just had to drop you another note to say THANK YOU! I received an order yesterday that I had just placed recently for several more soaps, lotion stick, lip balm, dead sea salt and Bath Blasts. Maryclaire wrote me a note saying she had included some extra soaps since I had missed the sale! I can't tell you how happy I was! It really makes a person feel good to be treated so well! Your products are great! Thank you for making my day and for continuing to provide excellent customer service and product! Take Care!. Tracy --- Wellington, KS (09/03)

Dear Alabu: Hello and THANK YOU for providing such wonderful customer service and wonderful products! I am a "product-aholic"! In other words, I try everything I can if it says it will make me look better! I was introduced to goat's milk soap at another store and decided to search on the internet for companies that make/sell it! I found your web site to be the most appealing to me, so ordered several soaps - I love the variety of scents you offer! I have used the Peppermint and the Purely Herbal and I just love them! I use it on my face and body! And I'm usually really picky about what I put on my face - it tends to be oily and break out - but it has been wonderfully soft and clear since I've been using your soaps! I will be a regular customer! And I am anxious to try out your lip balm, Bath Blasts and Lotion Stick!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!. Tracy --- Wellington, KS (09/03)

Dear Alabu: Thank you for treating your customers as individuals and for taking the time and effort to make sure requests are honored. As an example, I very much appreciated you going to the trouble to pick out a card that was not on your list for my friend who is going thru a hard time. Personal service and response makes all the difference!!!. Lucy --- Ukiah, CA (08/03)

Hi Maryclaire: Last month you posted me a pack of soap via the post office and I wondered whether you would be happy to do so again. I am delighted with the soaps and the difference that they have made to my hands is quite unbelievable. For the first time in the best part of 20 years I actually enjoy washing my hands and don't have to feel embarrassed as my skin is now fantastic and no longer dry and sore. Would you please cost for me the mailing of 4 Tea Tree soap bars. Best wishes!. Claire --- South Wales U.K. (08/03)

Dear Alabu: Just a note to let you know that my order made it here in TWO days. Wow, that's quality service. I haven't tried it yet (got to finish off the soap I'm using first), but the smell is delightful and oh, so enticing. Thank you very much! Carol --- El Paso, TX (02/03)

Dear Alabu: Thought I would add my note to those you have already received. Like many of your customers, I have sensitive, dry skin, especially in the winter. I have used other goat milk soaps, but yours is consistently the best. I enjoy the color and shape of the soap -- it is pleasant and easy to hold in the hand. I especially like the fact that the scented soaps have many natural ingredients and do not dry the skin. I gave some of your soaps to a friend for her birthday, and she also loves them and has passed along a bar to her teenaged daughter who has sensitive skin. I have just ordered another batch of soaps. My only problem is that they all sound so good, I want to order them all. Eventually, I'm sure I'll get around to all of them. Your service is also excellent. It's a pleasure to do business with your company . Gloria --- Manassas, VA (01/03)

Dear Alabu: Your soap is fabulous. I have sensitive skin and am troubled by the harsh detergents in commercial soaps, but I don't have time to make my own. Your soaps are the perfect way to remedy that situation. I have never broken out even using your scented soaps, thanks to their superlative quality.
Speaking of scent, the green tea is yummy! It's my favorite, I use it for sachets as well as washing-up. Do you have any perfume-sticks available in this scent?
I have never had any complaint as to your customer service, either. You are by far the nicest people I have dealt with on the World Wide Web. Keep up the great work! Sincerely Lilith - Vancouver, WA (09/02)

Dear Dean and Maryclaire: I received my shipment from Alabu Soaps today, and I wanted to let you know how delighted I am, both with quality of the product and the level of service. Thank you so much, the personal note from Maryclaire and the little extras you tucked inside the package were a wonderful surprise. I plan to recommend you to my friends (that is, after they receive your lovely soaps as part of their Christmas presents) and will be ordering from you again in the near future! You are wonderful!!!! Very Best Regards Joanne --- Reston, VA (11/01)

Dear Dean and Maryclaire: I received your package the other day and just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I am in love with all of those wonderful smells in that box! and our skin is feeling wonderfully soft and smooth. It was so very kind of you to include the herbal bar... thank you so much. It was so unnecessary, but very much appreciated. We are using the Sandalwood first... the others are next to our bed filling the air with wonderful scents... The sandalwood reminds me of college - ah, so long ago! It's delicious. I'd love a perfume stick of it. I can't remember if you have done that one yet... I know where I am going to do some holiday shopping this year.
Anyway, I wanted to thank you and to tell you that I will tell everyone I know about my new vice Stephanie---- Princeton, NJ

Dear Dean and Maryclaire: We went on vacation and forgot to take "your" soap. I bought some expensive "All Natural" soap which we hated. When we got home and I started to use "your" good soap again, my husband said "Boy, is your skin soft". We really love it. Please keep making it forever!! Karen ---- Ligonier, PA