Dry, Itchy, Sensitive, & Problem Skin Testimonials

Dear Alabu!My sweet little Asher has the most sensitive skin I've ever seen. We tried several "sensitive skin" soaps for babies, but this is the only one we've found that does not hurt his skin at all. We even use it to wash his hair. :-). Some great people run this company, so give their products a try. They'll ship it to you, or if you are local, you can go visit and pick it up. :-). Marcie (5/13)

Hello Alabu! 
I was looking on the marketplace for a place to write a customer review of product/service and could not find one .... Glenn should fix that !!! 
I am so happy that I found your product. I have had "skin problems" for about 10 years. Doctors can't figure it out but came down to controlling it with steroid cremes and using cetaphil soap and lotion only. That can be ok for most of body but not so great for the face. I have been using your Baby Me goat milk soap ... all over and the Replenish facial Moisturizer on my face and Shea body butter on the body. I have only been using for not quite 2 weeks but have found that I don't have to use as much of the steroid cream which is a great thing for me.

Your shipping was quick and comes with a personal thank you note... and your products are MADE IN USA !!!! YEA !!!

I will recommend your products to anyone. Thank you again. I ordered the "just olive oil soap" to try that too! Blessings Jean (4/13)

Dear Alabu!Thank you so much Alabu Skin Care for working with the non-profit Feingold Association to get your products listed in the Foodlist & Shopping Guide. Many people that have ADHD, PDD, Autism, Asthma & food allergies will be helped. You can learn more about the Feingold Program at www.feingold.org. Lisa (3/13)

Hello Dean,

Can you please tell me when does the 25% off coupon expire??? I hope I can be able to wait until after the first of this coming month!

I absolutely LOVE your Replenish Facial Moisturizer with Squalane!!!

I have looked for over 3 years to find a truly scent-free Squalane oil again!!! When I was first introduced to SO several years ago, I immediately fell in love! But after purchasing it for some time I noticed that the quality had changed. The oil was heavy and just sat on my skin! And every brand I tried all smelled the same...like rubber! Since I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, my nose picks up the slightest smells.

So I sought different product after product and came to the conclusion that the manufacturing of the oil or the quality had changed and was about to give up looking. Then I saw your product and decided that I would try one more time.

WOW! This is the quality of Squalane that I had been missing and my skin just drank it in! It was the light and moisturizing oil I remembered! After just a few days use my skin is glowing again and the issues I was having by lacking this precious oil are fading away.

Please don't ever stop producing this oil exactly as you have! I will be a lifelong loyal buyer of it, I promise that! THANKS so much for making a truly wonderful and awesome quality Squalane Oil! ~Kelly (2/13)

Dear Alabu! I'm loving my Alabu products! Tried your facial moisturizer sample and I'm hooked - used the whole sample pack on my face before bed and in the morning - walla - woke to a rested face! Also my Dad has very sensitive skin, your goat soap is just what his fair skin needed. Thank you for making these mild, natural products - and Made in America is important to me also. Barbara 1/13

Dear Alabu:I love this product. It is the only thing I can use on my aging and very sensitive face. I use it in the morning and at night before bed -it has really helped to keep my face hydrated. All other beauty products seem to just cause a rash of some sort. This product is so pure - it just keeps my face soft and healthy. My hands too! Thanks Jeanne -Elkhorn, NE (6/10)

Dear Alabu: Thank you!! Every year about this time, my skin is itchy, really itchy, due to the winter months. I haven't scratched once since I started using your soaps. I saw you at a craft fair in 2008, and have been using them ever since. I have given them to my friends for holiday gifts, and they have loved them. I only wish you had a body lotion. Have a great New Year.! Lisa - Memphis NY (1/10)

Dear Alabu: Thank you so much for your wonderful baby face oil. Recently, my skin has felt thin and dry with small lines forming. I spent a good bit of money trying various commercial mosturizers formulated for sensitive skin. All irritated my skin and none mosturized effectively. Then I tried your baby face oil. It feels wonderful, immediately soothes my skin, absorbs well, works great at night and under makeup, and, after just a week, my skin looked amazing -- soft and supple with a healthy glow. THANK YOU!!! Joann - Pembroke Pines FL (1/10)

Dear Alabu: I received my 1st order of your soap today! I ordered sat and got it in Chicago Wed. I have been using various goat milk cold process soaps for the last year. I have ordered from many soap makers! I have to tell you after using your soaps tonight I will never switch! The "Rich” bar and the lilac goat milk are to die for. We were out in the hot sun all day and had parched skin, what a treat!!! No lotion required. My 12-year-old son said to me, "Mom, why does this soap smell like the bushes at Suzy and Pop's? It smells so good! A 12-year-old boy wanted to know why the soap smelled like his grandparents lilac bushes! That's some positive feedback! Thank you so much for such a lovely product. Cold process the gold standard of soap making, no water added and one ounce of goat milk. What attention to quality. I truly do not know if other people make a product as superior as yours. I cannot wait to try your other fragrances. Thank you so much I am very happy new customer. The lather is delightful and the fast shipping and excellent customer service and quality of product has just gotten you yet another lifelong customer! Sarah S. — Chicago, IL (8/09)

Dear Alabu: These products are so awesome for my very sensitive skin! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Marla - Moriarty, NM (4/09)

Dear Alabu: Just wanted to let you know I have fallen in love with your soaps and other products. Just before Christmas I stumbled across your sight online in search of soaps for sensitive skin. I bought one scented soap and one unscented soap. Even the scented soap does wonders for my skin. They lather so well and provide much moisture and don't irritate my skin at all. I also purchased your roll on moisturizer and tea tree lotion stick and they do wonders for my dry skin. I have just received my second order of soaps and can't wait to try out my new scents. I don't know what I ever did without Alabu! Thanks so much! Jennifer - Franklin, VA (1/09) P.S. I also wanted to compliment you on your website. It is one of the most user friendly sites I've seen (makes ordering super simple). Whoever designed it did a great job.

Dear Alabu: Thank you so much for trying to find the pink grapefruit oil. I am still looking for you also. We love your products I have had skin problems all my life. I am 54. I have used everything from creams/lotions to floating oatmeal in the tub. Nothing has worked until now. I love you. Cindy - Fort Smith, AR (7/08)

Dear Alabu: My family and I have been using your soaps for about 2 weeks and they are truly the BEST! My skin feels and looks so much better. My children and my husband have also noticed the difference. They love the scents and gentleness of the product. My youngest son and I seem to be allergic to most commercial gels and soaps out there. After using your product, we discovered our skin did not itch or break out in a rash. We're hooked and won't use anything else. By the way, I love your web site. It is so easy to place orders. The soaps I received were very well packaged too. Thank you. Lisette - Naples, FL (5/08)

Dear Alabu: I love your soap and recommended it to a friend who was having severe reaction to medication...her skin was so read and within 2 days of using your soap she was already getting great relief!! Thanks much! Linda - Gloversville, NY (3/08)

Dear Alabu: Thank you for the best winter I've ever had with my skin. The goat milk soap leaves my skin so soft, I only use a little lotion stick where needed. I gave my dad 4 big bars of your soap for his birthday - and he said oh good, my favorite soap! ( I had given him some small sample sized soaps to try) I owe him a tea tree lotion stick, though, because my daughter found it first and started using it before I could give it to him!! My only wish would be for a liquid hand soap to keep by the kitchen sink! Susan - Uniontown, OH (2/08)

Dear Alabu: Your moisturizing stick is wonderful! Tried a small one, but now am buying the larger size. Gale - Akron, OH (1/08)

Dear Alabu: Many years ago, my husband from Ireland told me about goat milk soap and I thought it was just another myth. My atopic dermatitis was excrutiating it was like having poisen ivy 24/7. The quality of my life was ....... because like every woman I am vain about my skin. My dermatologist was astounded when I saw him last night. I dont have to see him again for 6 months. I have been going to specialist's since I was 12 and now am 60. Your soap is a godsend. thank you so much. I wouldnt be without it. Frances - Middle Island, NY (11/07)

Dear Alabu: I work at World Help and recently got the letter to your child with a couple soaps. I have dry, sensitive skin so I thought I'd check out your website. I was impressed. I figure, why not try it out and help one of our sponsor's business in the process? Thanks for all you do! Rachel - Lynchburg, VA (11/07)

Dear Alabu: I have moved to Arkansas. We love it here. It is so quiet and friendly. That's something you do not see in California. I was born and raised in California. My Dad was raised here in Arkansas. So we bought a home and so did my parents. My sister is their caretaker, so she is here too. We love Alabu soap. I will be 54 This Sunday. I barely made it through infant, toddler, child, teen, years. I was so sick with allergies my family and doctors thought I would not live.

Every time I shower I have to make it fast. The water even harms my skin. I have tried everything under the sun. All the products the doctors were testing I tried. From floating oatmeal to scrubbing the sores with liquid soap to take off the scabs. This turned out in breaking me out 30 X more. I went into the hospital for a month. They had no idea what was wrong with me. Well my grandpa had my mother put me on Skin Milk and Scott's Emulsion. I did much better. Still had skin problems through.

Anyway I tried your Baby Me and your Tree Tea Soap. Baby Me made my skin very soft. The Tree Tea actually stopped my skin from looking dry. I felt great. I did not have to lotion up. Which only works while the lotion is wet. So I am also trying your lotion stick this time. The other things ordered is for the hubby. He may be able to get away with the fragrance. We have been married for 23 yrs and we sit across the room from each other. :)

I love all of you and your products. God has surely shined his light upon all of you. Animals includes. Thank you so much. Sincerely Dry in Arkansas. Cindy - Fort Smith, AR (11/07)

Dear Alabu:My fiance and I, have fallen in love with your wonderful soap! My fiance has very sensitive skin and for the last fews weeks of using Alabu's soap, his skin looks and feels healthy!! We will never buy "regular" soap again! THANK YOU so very much! We are hooked and I tell everyone about your products. Thanks! Best Regards Polly - Uncasville, CT (7/07)

Dear Alabu:I am very pleased with your soap products. Not only do they work well with my dry skin, but they make me feel special because my skin is so soft and baby like after using. I am amazed at your shaving soap. As a woman I felt a little silly ordering it for myself to use, but I had a gut feeling it would be nice. I love it. I find I don't have to shave as frequently since using it. My friends have loved the gift baskets I have sent. Thank you for making such quality products. I can't imagine using any other soap now. Have you thought about making a laundry soap? Wanda - Johnson City, NY (5/07)

Dear Alabu:Keep making Rich soap and Baby Face oil!! These products nourish, soften and comfort my mature, normal and sensitive facial skin in a very natural way. I tried the Monoi de Tahiti soap. It was excellent, but my skin preferred the Rich soap. I appreciate that both products are unscented. I use the Shea Butter Lotion Stick on very dry areas of skin, if needed. Note: I have tried other goat soaps and lots of other types of "natural products" with NO success. Thank you for all your hard work and "OUTSTANDING" products. Bonita - Tucson, AZ (5/07)

Dear Alabu:I just love your soaps. I've tried various other "homemade" soaps, but none of them quite measured up. Not only are your soaps economical and last longer than regular soap, but the scents are wonderful and my skin has never felt better. I've even convinced my skeptic husband to try the soaps out; he suffers from very dry, sensitive skin and was amazed at how good your soaps are. All of my daughters follow in their father's footsteps of having skin problems. I sent each of them a basket of soaps to try out and they loved them. I enjoy your site as well. It's easy to navigate, and I enjoy the down-home welcoming feel of it. I love the newsletters and look forward to all the photos. The babies are beautiful!

Dear Alabu: This product is, by far, the most luxurious soap I have ever taken into my shower. I have noticed that since I have gotten older ( 54 ) my skin has been the driest it's ever been. These upstate New York winters have played a number on my skin but this soap seems to help a lot. Also, we have a 4 year old granddaughter that seemed to itch constantly this last winter so we gave our daughter a bar of your soap to use and Emily is now pretty much itch-free. Thank you, this is a fine product. Claire - Mexico, NY (4/07)

Dear Alabu: This is my second order. About five weeks ago I ordered a few bars to see if they would help my sensitive and dry skin that becomes a huge problem during the colder weather here in Minnesota. The soap helped so much that I no longer need to apply any body lotion! I have had to slather on body lotion each winter since I was a teenager. What a nice time saver! I also (reluctantly) passed on a bar of Baby Me to my mom who also suffers from very dry skin. She really liked it and was so grateful to not have to use lotion. Now I need to order some Baby Me for me to try. I am also getting some soap for my mom for Christmas. I have been telling my friends about this soap. At first, I feel as though I am in one of those silly Alleve commercials when someone just happens to have a box of Alleve in their pocket, but I think they might like the soap, so I should tell them! At least I am not carrying around a bar of soap! Kathleen - Cottage Grove, MN (12/06)

Dear Alabu: Both my wife and I enjoy your goats milk soap. I use the buttermilk soap for my face prior to shaving and have not had any ingrown whiskers since using it. My wife always experienced dry skin on her legs after showering but not anymore since using Alabu! She has started using the buttermilk soap as her facial soap now. Richard - Polo, IL (7/06)

Dear Alabu: Baby face Squalane oil is so naturally simple and wonderful, that it and my skin have become inseparable. I have ordered my second bottle and did not think twice. Thanks for your goat milk soaps. I have healthier skin. How about a pumpkin soap this fall? Mmm Thanks again. Kate - Amityville, NY (6/06)

Dear Alabu: Was just wanting to tell you that I bought a couple of bars of the green tea soap, With almost one half of the first bar gone my dry skin has gone away, my skin feels very soft now not the itchy skin that I had before trying your soap. I am amazed on how long the soap lasts and also the creamy lather that it puts out. I feel very clean after using it and I am very sure I know where my bath soap will come from now on. Many thanks to you. Bob - Bethesda, OH (6/06)

Dear Alabu: I love your Oats-N-Honey soap. Everyone in my family ( even my husband), has noticed a difference in their skin. No more dry skin, even in Buffalo in the winter. Thank You! Kim - Orchard Park, NY (2/06)

Dear Alabu: Just wanted to thank you so much not only for making the Oat and Honey soap, but for making it so easily available. I have suffered from Seborrhea since I was a kid and this soap is THE ONLY PRODUCT out there that clears it up for me. This time of year is the worst for me since everything is so dry, and after using one bar of your soap (a stocking stuffer this past Christmas), the condition is almost completely gone! I can not possibly thank you more! I just ordered four more bars and I will be back for more. Kate - Cohoes, NY (2/06)

Dear Alabu: I usually scratch my skin until it bleeds every winter. Even using Dove facial soap for my shower does not work to prevent the itch. Since I started using your soap, I have not scratched at all this winter. Thank you so much! I am placing a second order so I do not run out! This is the best winter I have had in many, many years. Andrea - Rutland, VT (1/06)

Dear Alabu: Thank you for the great soap. My dry skin has stopped itching. In this cold Michigan weather, that is a first. And, I do not need to use the lotions. I have thrown out my Caswell Massey. Best regards. Nicholas and Draco - Saint Clair Shores, MI (11/05)

Dear Alabu: Just want to tell you how much I love your soap. I have extremely dry skin, and it cleans so well without stripping my skin dry. It feels and smells just GREAT. I am really enjoying it. I bought 4 bars and they are almost gone. Do you ever send coupons? Alabu note: Yes we send coupons. Just join our newsletter and you will receive our coupon offers. June - Chesterfield, MI (11/05)

Dear Alabu: I absolutely love your soaps and the Shea Butter lotion stick. My skin on my legs would appear cracked and dry no matter how much moisturizing lotion I would put on. I tried your Shea Butter lotion on my legs and the difference is just WOW!!! They do not have the cracked appearance and they are softer now. Plus with the soaps I have used on my body, my skin would itch immediately after I get out of the shower. Now with theses soaps it is smoother and my skin does not itch at all. I really want to think you for a wonderful product and know that you have a customer for as long as you keep making it. Michelle - Savannah, GA (11/05)

Dear Alabu: Commercial deodorant soaps seemed to dry my skin in the shower. I have been using the Alabu soap (Bay Rum scent) for the past nine months or so and really enjoy it in the my shower! I have used different facial (Clinique and Mary Kay) soaps for men for several years. I now use the Alabu unscented buttermilk facial soap. That is the finest facial soap I have ever used! No razor burn or ingrown whiskers and no facial dryness. (Facial skin does not feel "tight" after washing with Alabu.) Richard - Polo, IL (9/05)

Dear Alabu: Hello! I received my first order about a week ago. Like so many others, I too, want to praise these lovely products! I ordered the "baby soap" which was suggested for sensitive faces. I also ordered the Baby Face Oil (Squalane) having recently read an article on this product. WOW! I am THRILLED with both! Though the soap was purchased as a facial soap, within two days I had it in the shower with me, using it all over my body! Living in Florida, my skin is very tanned and tends toward dryness. This soap was very kind to my skin, providing a very soothing, moisturizing treat! And the oil.. oh my! I could not believe it would be so light, and feel so good! I was afraid it would be greasy and possibly cause breakouts, but so far I am pleasantly surprised and pleased at the softness and lightness of this oil! I am a believer! And looking forward to ordering again! I am now anxious to try the Shea Butter Lotion Stick that so many have favorably reviewed! And the Lip Balm... and the scented soap.. and... : ) Thank you for a lovely product and excellent, speedy service! God Bless! Lynn - Panama City, FL (9/05)

Dear Alabu: You have a truly wonderful product. I have had problems with dry, itchy skin for months. After only a few days bathing with your soaps, my skin no longer itches, and feels so clean and soft. I will never return to soaps containing harsh chemicals. Thanks again! Pat - Prague, OK (9/05)

Dear Alabu: These are the best soaps I have ever used!!! I am a 52 Year Old Guy with (unfortunately) sensitive skin and most soaps dry my skin so much that it stays red. I have been using Alabu Soap for approx 6 months and my skin has returned to normal...no more redness!! Thanks for an Excellent Product!! Also Thanks for always sending Orders very quickly with EMail confirmations!! Keith - Seattle WA (9/05)

Dear Alabu: I just wanted to let you know that I have been searching for a soap that would not turn me into a itching and irritated mess. I think you have become my new best friend! My first order, some months ago, was a God send. I can not recommend your products enough. Thanks! Note: While we would not publish a customer's personal email address, we thought this followup note was very nice --- "Certainly!! You can even post my email address for those skeptics who might not believe the quote. I'm pleased to help in any way." Nancy - Tully, NY (7/05)

Dear Alabu: My name is Tomomi from Tokyo in Japan. It is your customer. Soap reached the post of my house a little while ago. It is full in feelings very glad. It immediately uses it at the time of the bath of tonight. It is the enjoyment. Thank you. Then, again. Tomomi - Tokyo, Japan (6/05)

Dear Alabu: My daughter-in-law introduced me to Alabu soap. Now I use it all the time. The soaps are very creamy and my skin feels thoroughly clean. I love the scent of the soaps, they are not over powering. Now I enjoy giving the gift baskets for birthdays to my family. They turned out to enjoy the soaps as much as I do. Theresa - Stillwater, MN (5/05)

Dear Alabu: I bought my first Alabu soaps at (I believe) the Gould Orchards Craft Fair in Schodack, NY. I have been looking for them ever since at every craft fair I attend. I have tried other hand made natural soaps but Alabu, by far, are the very best. I am allergic to 9 NINE different soaps and over the counter perfumed soaps.. Alabu's sandalwood is wonderful as I love to smell good but hate the reaction of lesser soaps. I also love not having dry skin!!! A friend of mine knew how much I love Alabu soaps and she did a silent auction at The Capital City Rescue Mission to try and win me a basket of Alabu soaps. She did!!!! On the soaps was your contact info.... I am so thankful to have found you...... Karen - Averiill Park, NY (4/05)

Dear Alabu: I just received your soaps yesterday, and used them today. I have to say I cannot believe how soft my skin felt after using your soap, I did not even have to use lotion . I suffer from severe dry skin, so bad that my skin would crack and bleed. I have never used a soap that has left me so moisturized where I do not have to use lotion. After using your soap, I immediately ordered more soap, and your shaving mug with soap, because I bleed and get nicks and cuts with other shaving creams. After using your soap, I could already tell your products are of high quality. I have spent so much money on other soaps and lotions for my dry skin, I wish I would have found your site earlier. I am going to be a new customer for life!!!!!!! Iris - VA (3/05)

Dear Alabu: I have been using your Tea Tree Oil soap for over a year now, and I love it. Especially during the winter time. Julia - Chicago, IL (3/05)

Dear Alabu: Here goes another gift off to a friend suffering from DRY skin! She was here visiting me and loved my soap so much that I am now sending her some of her own! Yours is the only soap that we use for several years now. Thanks for such a great product. Sincerely, Melissa - Woolwich, ME (3/05)

Dear Alabu: Thank you all for your wonderful products. We have loved everyone we have tried. I bought the shaving set for my oldest son and oldest daughter and they both love them. Shaving does not irritate their skin like it did before. Thanks again April - Claypool, IN (2/05)

Dear Alabu: This is the first winter without dry skin because of these soaps. Service is excellent and the soaps last longer than other goat soaps I have purchased because this company does not add water. The extra money for handcrafted soaps is a small price to pay for the wonderful scents and soft skin. Joan - Cincinnati, OH (2/05)

Dear Alabu: What a great product you have as I have gotten older my skin has gotten dry and flaky. The itching was terrible. Lotions only provided a short term remedy. With your soap I do not grab the lotion bottle as soon as I get out of the shower. I can actually go to bed and not have to "grease up". My husband thinks this is great because he does not like the smell of most of the lotions. He does like the scent of the musk soap. I think it reminds him of when we were dating. The 70's you know. Thanks for a great product that will continue to be in my home far into the future. Wendy - Edinburg, TX (2/05)

Dear Alabu: I love your soaps. They have been the first soap I can use without itching. My daughters love them too. I can wait to see how the shaving soap works. Thank you for a great product. April - Claypool, IN (1/05)

Dear Alabu: I ordered two soaps last week and I received them within just a couple of days which was very nice, I used the soaps not knowing what to expect but I thought I should give them a shot, since I have tried anything and everything to ease the pain of having such dry and sensitive skin. Let me just tell you that I love your soaps and have ordered four more because now I am afraid of running out. My skin feels soft as a baby and I love the fresh scents, I ordered the almond and Grapefruit and I love them both so far. Thank you for your great soaps, I will be sure to share them with my friends. Blanca - Vista, CA (12/04)

Dear Alabu: I just want to say thank you for making such a wonderful product. I have been ordering now for a few months and Alabu is without a doubt the best soap I have ever bought I can not say it enough it is really the best. I will never go back to anything else. All the soaps I have tried are just great, I especially love the Green Tea and my personal favorite, Rosemary. It is so soothing to my skin. I highly recommend Alabu to everyone, especially if you have sensitive skin which I have had all my life. It really makes a difference and without spending a fortune. It is a pleasure to use your soaps. And it has really brought skin care to a new level. Thanks ,sincerely. Bobbie - Hayes, VA (10/04)

Dear Alabu: Thanks for saving my skin! I'm an RN whose hands have been damaged from soaps and detergents. Your Alabu unscented bar has made such an amazing difference for my hands and for my body. It feels great to lather up and not feel the burning and stinging that I feel with regular soaps. I also use your lip balm and am equally impressed. I have ultra sensitive skin and numerous allergies which is why I am pleased to finally find products that I can use without experiencing irritation. I'm spreading the word! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work! Brinda - Kirksville, MO (8/04)

Dear Alabu: Your soaps are absolutely wonderful! I am a redhead, and I have very sensitive skin. I break out in hives from regular soaps, but not yours. I first tried the almond soap. When I got it, I could not stop breathing in the wonderful scent, and when I tried it, I noticed the difference right away. My hands also get very dry, even in the summer, and I usually have to put on hand lotion a couple times a day, but I notice that with your soaps, I don\'t even have to put on hand lotion anymore. My skin does not feel dehydrated like it used to with regular soaps, and your soap is much more gentle on my skin. I am looking forward to trying out your other great products! Amanda - Stillwater, MN (7/04)

Dear Alabu: I love this soap! Each time I order I try something new. Each one has been terrific for my skin, no more itch after the shower! Dale - New Market, MD (7/04)

Dear Alabu: My soap arrived today, I just washed my face with the Lavender, and had to tell you for the first time my skin does not feel dry, or oily. I LOVE it! I will be placing more order with you. Thanks sooooo much! MaryAnne - Vacaville, CA (7/04)

Dear Alabu: I was using your soap for a while and my skin continued to get better and better. Then, I got busy with work and money got tight and I tried to skimp. I will never make that mistake again. My skin is so sensitive and Alabu is the fixer. Thank you for making such wonderful products. I will never leave you again.....well, that is as long as you keep making this wonderful soap! Marylyn - Woodland Hills, CA (5/04)

Dear Alabu: Have sent link by e-mail to all four of my sisters and to my Mother--we all have sensitive Irish skin!! Thank heavens I FINALLY found your site! You need to contact ShopNBC.com and see about becoming one of their vendors (guests). There is a HUGE market all over the world for your beautiful soaps! Cherylyn - Foley, AL (5/04)

Dear Alabu: I am so happy using your products,my skin has really improved, my skin is no longer dry feeling it just feels good. I will continue to order again and again and with confidence. Thanks so much for a great product,Sincerely Bobbie - Hayes, VA (5/04)

Dear Alabu: This is the best soap I have ever used, I have very sensitive skin and I haven't had my skin feel this good in a very long time. The neat thing about the soap is that it made my skin feel good right away. It was really amazing. I will never go back to using regular soaps again. Thank you so much for your product. Bobbie - Hayes, VA (4/04)

Dear Alabu: I received my order on 4-3-04, this was the first time I ordered. I started using the soap right away, and it is the best soap I've ever used. It made my skin feel so good. I have had sensitive skin all my life and I have tried everything to help, but nothing worked, my skin would still be dry and itchy and red looking. This is really the best. I am so glad I found alabu. Thanks so much. Looking forward to ordering again Bobbie - Hayes, VA (4/04)

Dear Alabu: My husband is very sensitive to ALL soaps, and accepted your soap with skepticism, but he is using it and really likes it. I have granuloma annularae and noticed that your soap is helping with the redness and makes the rash look less prominent. I've used your soap for about one month, and am now going to try your lotion sticks. Thanks for a great product!. Kathleen - Madison, WI (1/04)

Dear Alabu: Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your soap. I have very very sensitive skin and rosacea. I have tried (lost count), let's just say, lots of soaps. I ordered your tea tree soap and WOW. I usually break out with red spots, but not with this soap. Even when I used it on my face, it felt great. And I usually order unscented because smells bother me, but this has a very mild scent, so it doesn't bother me. Please, keep it up, you are doing a great job.Thanks Sandi

Dear Alabu: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... I can't say enough. The soaps not only feel wonderful while washing, they smell wonderful too! My skin has always been so dry and so sensitive to chemicals, that I was constantly breaking out with red blotches or dry patches. This soap has made all the difference. Also, I don't go a single day without using your lip moisturizer; it is a must for anyone with dry lips! Thanks for making and sharing such wonderful products! Marylyn Los Angeles, CA

Dear Alabu: Your soaps are absolutely the best. I am very particular about the types of products I use on my skin, strongly preferring products that are all-natural and are not petroleum or tallow-based. Although my skin is not particularly sensitive, it tends towards the dry side and for the past few years I have been searching for products that contain ingredients that moisturize and keep my skin looking healthy. I've read about the benefits of goats milk in skin products and searched the web for a goat milk based soap and found your site... I took a leap and ordered a couple of your bars and needless to say, for almost a year you have had a very happy and satisfied customer. In the past I've had no hesitation in buy bar soaps that cost twice or even three times the amount of your bars, but none of them compare to yours - HANDS DOWN THE BEST. I've always had great skin, but now I, and others, have noticed it is even softer than before. As a boyfriend once said, "God, your skin shines." Thank you so very much. Maureen, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Alabu: Your soap has done wonders for my highly sensitive skin. I've only been using it for a few weeks, but I keep coming back to order more. I'd given up on luxurious soaps, thinking that I had to stick with something that didn't cause a reaction. But with your soaps, I can have both luxury and happy skin! I especially love Beautiful Feet. I never knew that my feet could feel so good after a simple wash. I wish you'd make shampoo bars, too. Thanks from a devoted customer, Lisa

Dear Alabu: Over the years, my skin -- which was once oily and never required moisturizer or special soap -- has become dry and sensitive. Hearing about the gentleness of goat's milk soap, I gave Alabu soap a try. I'M SO GLAD I DID! It's the only soap that hasn't dried out my skin; in fact, sometimes I'm even able to get away without using an after-shower moisturizer for a couple of days! And I especially like the fact that no water is used in making the soap -- that makes Alabu a standout among all other goat's milk soap makers! Thank you, Alabu! I'm a believer! Catherine Hi Alabu: I love the quality of your soaps. I have used several different brands of natural soap and yours is by far the best. I love the rich lather and how soft it leaves my skin. It is not drying to the skin like store bought soaps. Charlett --- Baton Rouge, LA (12/03)

Dear Alabu: My skin gets very dry in the Winter months. I think your soap is just amazing, because if I use it during my shower, I don't have to go thru tons of skin cream!. Mary Ellen --- Cohoes, NY (12/03) Dear Dean and Maryclaire: I just have to say that the superiority of your product is only surpassed by your wonderful customer service. Since I found your soaps a year ago, my skin has been transformed. Minnesota winters are harsh, but using your soap for bathing has been a god-send. I no longer run for gallons of lotion after every shower. My boyfriend has also commandeered every lotion stick I have ordered. He is a nature photographer and it is not always convenient to wear your gloves while trying to get a good shot. As a consequence his hands will be quite cracked and bleeding after a day shooting in the woods. He warns me when I need to order more as it is the only thing that will heal his dry, cracked hands. I plan to be a customer for as long as you make your soap. Thanks again for all of the care you put into every order. Heather --- Minneapolis, MN (11/03) Hi Alabu: I just wanted to take a moment and commend you on the excellent product you have created. I was suffering from extreme dryness around my eyes which no product was able to relieve. I tried the shea butter lotion stick that I had received as a gift and in 24 hours my skin was smooth and the dryness was pretty much gone. I had tried multiple face lotions and eye creams and nothing has compared to the effect that the lotion stick had on my skin. Thank you so much!. Ybelise (11/03)

Dear Alabu: I know that it might sound odd, but I use the lotion stick all over, on my lips, face, around eyes, when my nose is chapped and on my son, it works wonders. but I would absolutely love it if you could make it with a light aroma (i.e. vanilla honey). I also wanted to say thank you so much, I have very sensitive skins that tends to break out and my son has extremely fair skin that can't stand heavy fragrances or synthetics, I am so happy that I can use your products on everyone in my family and we all have such wonderful results!. Lynn --- Englewood, CO (11/03) Dear Alabu! I LOVE your soap. I adore the smell (lilac especially) and I love the texture and the lather. I love your products so much that the order I just placed is a gift for a friend of mine who is a judge and who just had a mastectomy. She is sensitive to smells and I thought some of your unscented stuff combined with that wonderful texture and lather could be a nice thing for her. I have to appear before her all the time, so that's how confident I am that she'll like your products, too. You guys are amazingly prompt and I always note it and appreciate it. Linda --- Greensburg, PA (09/03)

Dear Alabu: Hello and THANK YOU for providing such wonderful customer service and wonderful products! I am a "product-aholic"! In other words, I try everything I can if it says it will make me look better! I was introduced to goat's milk soap at another store and decided to search on the internet for companies that make/sell it! I found your web site to be the most appealing to me, so ordered several soaps - I love the variety of scents you offer! I have used the Peppermint and the Purely Herbal and I just love them! I use it on my face and body! And I'm usually really picky about what I put on my face - it tends to be oily and break out - but it has been wonderfully soft and clear since I've been using your soaps! I will be a regular customer! And I am anxious to try out your lip balm, Bath Blasts and Lotion Stick!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!. Tracy --- Wellington, KS (09/03) Hi Maryclaire: Last month you posted me a pack of soap via the post office and I wondered whether you would be happy to do so again. I am delighted with the soaps and the difference that they have made to my hands is quite unbelievable. For the first time in the best part of 20 years I actually enjoy washing my hands and don't have to feel embarrassed as my skin is now fantastic and no longer dry and sore. Would you please cost for me the mailing of 4 Tea Tree soap bars. Best wishes!. Claire --- South Wales U.K. (08/03)

Dear Alabu: My mother has very sensitive skin and a lot of problems with her skin, our local hospital suggested we try goats milk soap, so we did. and thanks a million, this stuff works like a charm, she no longer itches after her shower. Thanks again! . Patricia --- Orleans, VT (08/03) Greetings from chilly Northern Minnesota! I got my first order of Alabu goat's milk soap today and all I can say is: OH MY GOSH!!! I am so bummed that I have not been using your soap for all the years that I have been itching and scratching all winter long. I thought maybe it was just hype that I might not need to take a bath in lotion after a bath in the tub, BUT, my skin feels great! I have no itching and no tight, dry feeling and I even washed my face twice because the lather felt so rich and silky! I am going to get the word out to all my dry-skinned friends and I will certainly be back for more soap for myself. Thank you, thank you for making such a wonderful, pure product . Julie --- Duluth, MN (04/03)

Dear Alabu: Thought I would add my note to those you have already received. Like many of your customers, I have sensitive, dry skin, especially in the winter. I have used other goat milk soaps, but yours is consistently the best. I enjoy the color and shape of the soap -- it is pleasant and easy to hold in the hand. I especially like the fact that the scented soaps have many natural ingredients and do not dry the skin. I gave some of your soaps to a friend for her birthday, and she also loves them and has passed along a bar to her teenaged daughter who has sensitive skin. I have just ordered another batch of soaps. My only problem is that they all sound so good, I want to order them all. Eventually, I'm sure I'll get around to all of them. Your service is also excellent. It's a pleasure to do business with your company . excellent. It's a pleasure to do business with your company . Gloria --- Manassas, VA (01/03)

Dear Alabu: Your soap is fabulous. I have sensitive skin and am troubled by the harsh detergents in commercial soaps, but I don't have time to make my own. Your soaps are the perfect way to remedy that situation. I have never broken out even using your scented soaps, thanks to their superlative quality. Speaking of scent, the green tea is yummy! It's my favorite, I use it for sachets as well as washing-up. Do you have any perfume-sticks available in this scent? I have never had any complaint as to your customer service, either. You are by far the nicest people I have dealt with on the World Wide Web. Keep up the great work! Sincerely Lilith - Vancouver, WA (09/02) Dear Maryclaire: Just placed an order for some of your soaps, I am sending them to my fiance. I wanted to let you know that I've been using your soap for about a week now, and my skin isn't even close to being dry as it was prior. I'm impressed with the fact that you have so many different scents, and products Ben - Special Forces, US Army (08/02)

Dear Alabu: A Thank You! I wanted to let you know how much I liked your products. I got them all to give as gifts but found it hard to part with them -- they smelled so great. I should be ashamed to say this but I kept about half of what I purchased myself. I was especially pleased with the shea butter lotion stick and the lip balm. I seldom like to use lotions or lip balms even though I have dry skin because they "sit on top" of the skin feeling heavy and/or greasy. Both your products blend with the skin beautifully. It's as though the lotion stick isn't there -- except the dry skin is gone. Thanks and best of luck with your business. Blessings Barbara - Clifton Park, NY (01/02) Hi Maryclaire: The tea tree is becoming my favorite. My skin looks healthiest when I use this soap. I can even use it on my face, which is beyond remarkable, because I have truly sensitive skin. I am eagerly awaiting Sept. 20th when the buttermilk tea tree will be available. I may be purchasing several bars before that, however, since I'm running low, and my Mother, and a friend want to try it as well..... :) Michelle --- Morgantown, PA Hi Maryclaire: Thank you so much for the extra bar! I would be pleased if you use my comments on your web page. My skin is so sensitive that even my dermatologist doesn't know what to do. I also have rosacea. Your soap is the greatest! Lisa ---- Reno, NV