Are you comfortable living in your own skin? All Alabu natural skin care products are truly natural products. There are no synthetic chemicals, no additives or coloring of any sort added to any of our natural skin care products. Read our ingredient list on our products and you will see we use only truly natural ingredients that are nourishing to your skin. Alabu's skin care line consist of only natural skin care products.

Oh, and we use no water added in any of our products. Only farm fresh goat milk in our soaps and the only water you will find in our body lotion is what is contained in the Aloe Vera. Take a look at the body lotions you currently use. In most cases, the first ingredient is water described in some form. At Alabu, we do not sell you water. All of our natural skin care products only contain natural moisturizing ingredients that are good for your skin.

We list all of our ingredients on our labels and on every web page. We encourage you to take a look and if you have any questions, please just ask us. We love helping our customers with their skin care needs.

natural skin care products
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