Oat & Honey Soothing & Moisturizing Goat Milk Soap

Oat & Honey Soothing & Moisturizing Goat Milk Soap

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    Correction to March 2022 Review

    Posted by Monica H on 7th Jul 2022

    Should have been a 5 star March 2022 , I think I did not scroll down to see the 5 offered. Definitely a 5 star product ! Thank you !

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    oat and honey soap

    Posted by Anne M on 13th Mar 2022

    I totally Love this as my new facial cleanser. I don't know if it's the goat milk but it feels like a buttery creamy cleanser.My skin feels super clean but Not tight afterwards. I look forward to using it. I like the slightly bumpy texture as sometimes I rub it over my face as a exfoliant first. Its great to support a family business who clearly love their work and its made here in the USA.

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    oat and honey soap

    Posted by Anne M on 8th Mar 2022

    I am a new client to Alabu. I was looking for natural soaps and came across this site. I Love all the products I purchased. I love this bar for my face in the evening and the tea tree one at night. My face feels clean but not tight. I am prone to rosacea and have not had a breakout since using these wonderful soaps.

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    Oat & Honey Goat Soap

    Posted by Monica on 4th Mar 2022

    Sensitive skin - Excellent Soap ! All generations of my family use it . My Granddaughters now put in orders with me when they’ve run out ! Great American Family Run Business and a special thank you to the Blessed Goats and Bees ❤️

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    Oat & Honey soap

    Posted by Kathy G on 20th Mar 2021

    purchased this based on recommendation from Maryclaire after asking about help for red blotchy facual skin. Very gentle and helps to reduce redness.

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    Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap

    Posted by Debra L. on 5th Apr 2019

    Very nice soap. Very gentle. I like the texture, just a little bumpy. Not much of a scent, if any. Just clean. Seems. To last a bit longer than the one with Lavendar. Not sure if it's milled differently or if I just used the lavender one more... good all around use soap. Face, body, hands.

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    Pure, Natural, and It Works!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jul 2015

    I've been using Alabu Soap's oat and honey bars for several years. I give them as gifts and supply family members with them. This is a very gentle soap but it really does its job and gets my skin clean. It produces a good amount of suds, and it is not drying to my skin. I recently had to use an antibacterial soap before surgery. Wow, what a difference. I was so happy to get out of the hospital and back to my own Alabu oat and honey soap. I also like the other Alabu soap kinds. This is a GREAT company.

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    Posted by Another Satisfied Customer on 17th Aug 2014

    My skin starting to take a turn for the worse until I discovered Alabu's Oats and Honey Goat Milk Soap. It cleans my skin without stripping it of its natural oils. I had patches of dry skin on the back and front of my legs. After using this soap, I began seeing positive results in approximately 1 week. My skin is smoother, softer, and rough patches are gradually disappearing. Thank you Alabu! I will be a customer for life:-)

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    Perfect for cleaning big & little grimy hands

    Posted by Heather A. on 20th Nov 2013

    While I love this soap in the shower, it has proven its worth at the sink. It is a gentle workhorse keeping my toddlers little hands clean and moisturized. It also works on mom & dad's hands too, so it's a win for the family.