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Be comfortable in your own skin. Alabu’s Squalane (AKA “Nature’s Facelift in a Bottle”) is made with 100% vegetable-derived Squalane. Alabu's Replenish Natural Facial Moisturizer is very high in Vitamin A and resembles the skin's own natural oil. Squalane is naturally present in our skin, however the amount we produce declines as we age. It is thought that a deficiency of Squalane can result in dry skin and premature aging resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Our natural facial moisturizer is nourishing and moisturizing and can be used for both daytime and nighttime moisturizing. Your skin will soak it in leaving you a velvety soft, smooth skin.

Replenish works as a great natural facial moisturizer. It softens wrinkles and allows makeup to glide on effortlessly making it a wonderful primer for makeup. It helps skin retain moisture and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It softens the most rough-textured skin and leaves no oily residue. When you love how your face looks, you feel great. That’s what Alabu is all about, being comfortable in your own skin…with a little help from us.

Alabu's .35 oz Replenish Facial Moisturizer comes in a very convenient roll-on applicator which allows you to easily apply the right amount directly where you want it without being wasteful. Alabu Squalane is vegetable derived, not derived from shark liver. There is no odor or color. We are sure you will like Alabu's Replenish natural facial moisturizer. (Roll-on .35 fl oz) Made in the U.S.A.

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    Love your Squalane Oil

    Posted by Kelly on 26th Feb 2013

    THANKS SO MUCH! I absolutely LOVE your Replenish Moisturizer with Squalane Oil! It rocks! And it is the best that I've used in a long time! The quality of your Squalane is truly the finest and trust me I have tried numerous brands of it and they don't hold a candle to Alabu's! :)

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    Natural Look

    Posted by Maude on 17th Feb 2013

    This Squalane oil product is excellent addition to freshly washed face--nice smooth moisture easily applied with roll-on applicator and looks natural. I like very much, both product and applicator.

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    Squalane Natural Face Moisturizer

    Posted by Anonymous on 12th Feb 2013

    The roll on applicator really helps to use just the right amount of moisturizer. My skin doesn't feel dry all day after I've applied this natural face moisturizer and it has diminished some of my fine lines. I'm very happy with this product.

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    Simple Natural Skin Care Products To Love!

    Posted by Anonymous on 17th Jan 2013

    I had been reading about the benefits of natural squalane and decided to try this moisturizer. It works wonders!! I love the roll on applicator and the way this organic moisturizer makes my face feel!

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    Natural Face Moisturizer With Squalane!

    Posted by Anonymous on 4th Jan 2013

    I have very sensitive skin and anytime I change detergent or soaps i break out in a rash including on my face. This amazing moisturizer softens my skin as well as moisturizes it without any side affects. I recommend this for anyone who has sensitive skin.

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    Excellent Moisturizer

    Posted by Larraine on 2nd Jan 2013

    This product is an excellent moisturizer...I have dry skin(eczema) and am sensitive to many products. most facial mosturizers have lanolin in them, I am allergic to them.
    I love the roll on applicator...Just the right amount comes out , it feels great and my face is smooth all day.
    This 70yr old face loves it!!!