Second - Olive Hypo-Allergenic Moisturizing Goat Milk Soap

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NOTE: Since seconds are a byproduct of our manufacturing process, they are often out of stock. We are not able to keep seconds in stock all the time. Thank you for your understanding.

Our seconds are made from excess soap that doesn't come out as a cosmetically perfect bar. This soap is the same as the other soap you would get from us, but the bars typically have cosmetic defects.

We've been in the skin care business for over a decade, and we've seen a lot of different skin allergies. This soap is our answer to that. Our original soap formula has all kinds of skin-nourishing oils in it like coconut, soybean, and many others, but that doesn't do you any good if you're allergic to coconuts or soybeans! If that's you or someone you know, you'll want to check out this soap. The ingredients list is pretty simple, and we think your allergy-prone skin will love it! Most olive oil soaps have a pretty weak lather. We've taken our classic top-quality goat milk and cultured it into buttermilk first. The result is a olive oil soap that has an excellent lather and cleaning ability.


cultured goat milk, saponified olive oil.