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Body Moisturizers

  • Preserved Naturally. No synthetic ingredients here. A proprietary blend of essential oils and plant extracts keeps this body lotion preserved for two years.
  • Superior Performance. Because we don‰'t dilute with water, our body lotion does the job with less waste and moisturizes better than a conventional lotion.
  • Non-Greasy. Designed to thin out when you apply it so you can use the right amount without feeling greasy.
  • No Water Added. Keeping water out allows us to keep this product all natural by leaving out synthetic preservatives.
  • lotion for sensitive skin
    15.13 Body Lotion (Original - Preserved Naturally)
    You've been asking us for it. It's finally here! Our naturally preserved body lotion for sensitive skin is loaded with skin-soothing goodies and with no synthetic or artificial preservatives, you can bet that. Alabu...
  • Shea Butter Body Butter - Original
    5.49 Shea Butter Body Butter - Original (0.75 fl oz)
    Convenient Form Factor. Unlike tubs which are messy and wasteful, our roll-up tube allows you to moisturize just the right amount wherever you need without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Protective Barrier. Beyond...
  • Tea Tree Shea Body Butter (.75 fl oz)
    6.39 Shea Body Butter - Tea Tree (0.75 fl oz)
    From a baby's bottom to professionals and new moms washing hands multiple times a day to hard working and calloused, cracked hands Alabu's Tea Tree Shea Body Butter is there to handle the job. This amazing heavy duty,...
  • Shea Body Butter - Original (2.5 fl oz)
    16.68 Shea Body Butter - Original (2.5 fl oz)
    Do you have large patches of dry skin? A perfect balance of science and nature. Alabu's Shea Body Butter blends natural skin moisturizers to nourish your skin. Alabu Original Shea Body Butter is made with a combination of...
  • Tea Tree Shea Butter Body Butter.
    17.33 Shea Butter Body Butter - Tea Tree (2.5 fl oz)
    For the serious outdoors person. Weather you work on a ski slop making snow, are a mountaineer climbing mountains, or a farmer fixing fencing or handling livestock, this 2.5 oz size Tea Tree Shea Butter Body Butter will...