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Body Lotion (Original - Preserved Naturally)

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    Excellent for Sensitive Skin

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2015

    Really helps protect my skin from everything that makes me welt up.


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    This product is the da bomb!

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Oct 2014

    this is a really great product, because any lotion that will consistently moisturize and soften my hands is outstanding. I do alot of hard work that leaves my hands really dry, so I gave your lotion a try and I love it. Kudos on a great product.

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    Best. ever

    Posted by Judy H on 22nd Jun 2014

    I don't know how I ever lived without this product.

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    No more chemicals for me

    Posted by Judy H on 21st Feb 2014

    I used to have an awful time with dry, itchy skin before I started using Alabu body lotion. I am now convinced it was all the toxic chemicals in all the body products I was using that was causing all my problems. I itch no more.
    Thank you Alabu, you literally saved my skin!

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    My favoite scent

    Posted by Evie on 3rd Feb 2014

    Not only is this moisturizer nourishing to my skin, it has a wonderful almond scent - not too strong - just right. During this harsh winter my hands crave moisture and Alabu Almond body lotion fills the bill. (My legs and arms too.) Great overall body lotion.

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    Dry skin, terrible

    Posted by Kathie K. on 24th Jan 2014

    It helps my dry skin a lot...The winter, as everyone knows has been terrible in the Midwest..I'm glad it's not scented..I dislike a lot of the scents that they put in lotions now.

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    Great Product, but UNABLE to use :(

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Mar 2013

    The is a very light non-greasy lovely moisturizer. Unfortunately, I started breaking out from it due to the Rooibos/Red tea that is contained within. Found out I am allergic, but is seriously a really great lotion.

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    Works Wonders, Natural Skin Moisturizer

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Mar 2013

    This works so well and the tube lasts a long time. A little goes a long way. It has totally transformed my dry cracking feet and hands. Best skin moisturizer you can find anywhere!

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    It doesn't STING my hands

    Posted by Jennifer on 5th Feb 2013

    This is the best thing I've ever found to put on my hands! It saves my winter reptile skin! It's smooth yet thick. Not greasy, absorbs quickly (into said reptile skin).
    Would LOVE to have a giant tub of this! Thank you Maryclaire!!!