Second - Shaving Goat Milk Soap

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NOTE: Since seconds are a byproduct of our manufacturing process, they are often out of stock. We are not able to keep seconds in stock all the time. Thank you for your understanding.

Our seconds are made from excess soap that doesn't come out as a cosmetically perfect bar. This soap is the same as the other soap you would get from us, but the bars typically have cosmetic defects.

Our shaving soap is specially formulated to give you a close smooth shave and leave your skin soft and moisturized. It has cinnamon essential oil to make your hairs stand up for a close shave. Sweet orange, and tree essential oils are added to soothe your skin and help keep your tender skin from breaking out after shaving. Finally shea butter and glycerin are added to protect your skin from your razor. Men and women both love this soap. It is 2 5/8" in diameter and fits your typical shaving mug very nicely. (3.50 oz.)


cultured goat milk, saponified olive oil, saponified soybean oil, saponified coconut oil, saponified castor oil, saponified cocoa butter, saponified shea butter, saponified emu oil, glycerin, saponified neem oil, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, oat flour.

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