Tut's Soy Free Goat Milk Soap

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Tut’s Soap is an extra- moisturizing unscented formulation made without soy oil. It is the brain child of one of our favorite customers, a gentleman from Alabama called Tut. He wondered out loud if we could make a soap like our Baby Me soap, but without any soy, which his doctor suggested he try to avoid. We thought it was a great idea since we know that some folks are trying to avoid soy these days. I made a batch and used more olive oil in place of the soy oil. We are excited with the results, a very mild, moisturizing cleansing bar. We sent some samples off to Tut and he said he liked it too. Tut's No Soy Soap is great for extra dry sensitive skin. It has a nice lather that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. To keep it the same price as our other soaps we are selling Tut’s soap ( dare I say?) Naked! (3.25 oz) Made in the U.S.A.


saponified olive oil, cultured goat milk, saponified coconut oil, saponified shea butter, saponified castor oil, saponified cocoa butter.

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    Tut's Soy Free Goat Milk Soap

    Posted by Cecelia on 22nd Apr 2023

    I love this soap, it is very moisturizing. I have used it for years and my son has used it his whole life, all 9 months.

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    Tut's Soy Free Goat Milk Soap

    Posted by Tut C on 23rd Jul 2022

    I will continue to buy this soap because it is the best one for me. I suggested this soy free version to Alabu and they produced it. I got to use some of the first bars as a trial. I recommend it highly.

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    Tut's Soy Free Goat Milk Soap

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jul 2020

    This is the one soap I count on. I have used it since it was first formulated. Won't buy another.

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    Great Facial Soap

    Posted by GT on 16th Aug 2019

    I use this soap mostly for my face, which is sensitive. Its non-stripping, creamy, with very little scent. Having tried numerous brands, I keep coming back to Alabu. This soy-free version is awesome, as I try to avoid soy in my diet and it's great to extend that to my skin.

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    Tut's soap is best for me

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Dec 2018

    This formulation provides the best cleansing for my skin with minimal adverse effects.

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    Silkiest soap ever!

    Posted by Carolyn on 11th Mar 2017

    I've tried several of the soaps from Alabu, and like all of them that I've tried. But, this is the silkiest feeling soap I've ever used. It's simply wonderful